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Hell’s Kitchen, Oct. 13 – It's All in the Editing

Sabrina over in the red kitchen still can’t commit to station responsibility. She is asking Trev to check her meat and see how much longer it needs. She is driving him crazy with her lack of confidence. When she is given the compliment by Chef Ramsay that the meat is perfectly cooked she is excited. She knew she could handle the meat station and master it, oh brother!

Boris is having problems in the meat station. He is sweating all over the meat and his cutting board is disgusting with previous juices. Chef Ramsay goes over and cleans it for him. After watching this show, I would never, ever hire Boris the Caterer for anything.

Chef Ramsay moves over to the red kitchen and starts asking, again, where the beef is. If I were Trev I would let Sabrina stew in her own juices. Nona is having trouble keeping up on garnish and tells her to hold off cutting the steak. It seems that great skill is not required at the garnish station, but if you have bad time management skills, you are sunk. Everything is going down with garnish.

Well it was bound to happen tonight, we just didn’t know when, that good ole boy Trev was going to open his sexist mouth. He tells the diary cam “If I have to drag these bitches, kicking and screaming, through service to get us done and working as a team, I am gonna bleepin’ do it.” Okay Mr. Rutabaga, I just hate that this kind of mentality is acceptable. I am going to turn my oven on right now and burn my bra; it can’t be any more bitter than his chips.

Nona might just be lucky tonight. Chef Ramsay is standing at the pass getting more and more agitated as he waits for his family’s entrees. Rob is having trouble with Garnish, and there is no way anyone is lending a hand. Maybe Trev needs to go back to blue and drag those bitches by their hair and make them work too.

For some reason, over in red Sabrina decides that she should make a grilled cheese sandwich 6 minutes before the order is ready. Trev catches her mistake, but Sabrina says she knows what she is doing. Obviously she has never been the mom to a child who orders a grilled cheese in a restaurant. They almost always come out greasy and cold; now I know why. She gets the best of him and again he looks like a pig. The guy does not do very well with a little bit of power. His “title” tonight is floater, I think he misheard, though, and thinks he is dictator. I guess he has decided to teach her a lesson; he tells her chicken is good to go to the pass, and she ends up bringing Chef Ramsay raw chicken.

Over in blue kitchen Chef Ramsay is still waiting for his macaroni and cheese. He sends the order to his family’s table minus his son’s mac and cheese. Chef Ramsay is forced to wait longer than he wanted for it, but it goes out.

Both kitchens seem to be ending on a high note. Chef Ramsay tells them at the end that 90% of the customers left happy. He asks each team to come up with two people to leave, based on tonight’s service.

Red is sitting around the fireplace, smoking, trying to decide who goes up. The question comes up about any food being returned from the pass. Trev says chicken. Instantly Sabrina tells Trev that if she goes up for the chicken, he is going up with her. She doesn’t seem to comprehend that it was not his station to handle. She really has run her course. My guess would be that they will once again put her up against Nona.

Boris states to the blue team that he does not want to go up for a fourth time. Chef Ramsay was quite specific on what he said. He wants them looking only at tonight’s service. If blue does not put up Vinnie, they are just stupid. Vinnie does not believe he deserves to go. Rob points out that Russell could have helped with garnish. The votes on blue team are all over the place.

Chef Ramsay calls on Nona to tell him the first nominee. Sabrina is up for lack of communication and teamwork. The second nomination is Nona based on service and that she was in the weeds all night.

Russell is called upon with the first nomination being Boris, because he does not pull his weight. The second nominee is Rob; Russell says that Rob buried the blue team even after everyone was trying to help him. Why lie? Isn’t it enough to say he couldn’t handle garnish? I haven’t said it at all this season up to now; I hate cocky.