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Hell’s Kitchen, Oct. 13 – It's All in the Editing

Chef Ramsay tries the red team’s dish first. Sabrina presents Grilled Salmon over Cauliflower Puree. The fennel and bok choy are sautéed and the fish is plated on top of them. Off to the side are these two pieces of burnt rutabaga. It looks ridiculous. If this were chopped, someone would have shaved them down and used them to texture the veggies. They are actually pushed so far off the plate they look like they may fall off. Chef Ramsay loves the Salmon and the fennel. Unfortunately Nona added cold butter to the warm cauliflower and it split.

Chef Ramsay thinks that it tastes wonderful but looks horrible. It doesn’t make sense that Nona did this, since she was the only one that gave a decent ingredient. Jillian should have been responsible for it. The chips, needless to say, are bitter and a disappointment to Chef Ramsay. Trev is worried if they lose the girls will blame him for the chips. Give me a break, they all told him that they were horrible; he disagreed. Who does he think should be blamed for them? Maybe he will blame poor Raj.

Blue team presents a much nicer looking dish. It is Grilled Striped Bass in a Miso Sauce. Chef Ramsay says it looks like a wow factor. Chef Ramsay loves the miso and congratulates Boris on a job well done. His problem with the dish is the asparagus and the yams. He thinks that they are bland and uninspired.

It is a toss-up for Chef Ramsay between what is worse. The rutabaga and cauliflower or the yam and asparagus will lose this challenge for one team. Chef Ramsay says that even though the cauliflower looked bad, it tasted delicious, and the red team wins the challenge. I think Vinnie’s eyes might have popped right out of his head when his team lost. It will be interesting to see if they switch their despise and bad behavior over to Rob now who was solely responsible for the challenge loss, or will they keep hating on Boris.

The red team wins a resort trip in Vegas. They are going to stay at a 14,000 square foot suite, which is impressive. The blue team gets to peel, prep and lug over 1,000 pounds of potatoes. I am thinking that’s not such a bad punishment. That is until the guys go out to the delivery truck and open the door. The potatoes are loose in boxes, many of which have turned over during transport. There are potatoes everywhere, including at their feet. This is going to take the blue team hours.

Meanwhile, the red team arrives at their suite. There is a raw bar, champagne, fireplace, Jacuzzi; the suite just goes on and on. It is by far the best reward yet. Back in Hell’s Kitchen, it looks like the guys have finally finished peeling potatoes and have moved on to prepping them. Boris say that he doesn’t mind the potato, and he discusses all the different things you can do with it. Again, my mind goes back to Boris the Caterer from the old country. He goes as far as to say he would rather the potatoes then a trip to Vegas.

Speaking of Vegas, Nona just answers the suite’s private door buzzer. There is heavy breathing on the other end, but no talking. That is because it is Teller, the quiet half of Penn and Teller. Penn appears and screams to them to open the door. Nona goes running for the door, screaming all the way down the hall. Gail and Nona greet them with screams and jumping up in the air. They all win another trip for a two-night stay.

Over in blue, they are back in the dorms. Vinnie is talking to Russell about having to get rid of Boris. The next day they continue to blame Boris while they prep. Red team gets back in time to prep their kitchen for service that evening. Even though Sabina promised challenges she mysteriously disappears during the prep of her station. She could teach a thing or two to Penn and Teller maybe. Jillian has had it and talks about sending her home.

Tonight, Chef Ramsay announces, is family night. There are some very VIP VIP’s dining tonight. Chef Ramsay has invited his family to come to the dining room for dinner. It would be safe to say a look of sheer panic crosses everyone’s face. I am sure no one wants to be the person that makes him lose control in front of his kids. Out in the parking lot there is a carnival going on, so all those kids should come in to the dining room, loud and hungry. Chef Ramsay again asks Trev to lead the red team. The doors to family night are now open.

In addition to the regular menu, Chef Ramsay has also made a kids menu for service tonight. Each table will also get a complimentary basket of fries with each sitting. Rob recognizes he has to fight in blue kitchen tonight because of what happened during the challenge. Fries go out without a problem from both kitchens.

Vinnie and Jillian are both having problems with the risotto. Vinnie is making too much and Jillian isn’t making enough. Chef Ramsay calls the ticket for his family to the blue kitchen.

Chef Ramsay is waiting for the risotto for his family. Vinnie makes, quite possibly, a fatal error. This is not the first time Vinnie has shown disrespect to Chef Ramsay. Vinnie decides that instead of making Chef Ramsay’s family fresh risotto he will just use the leftovers that he overdid in the last order. Chef Ramsay is furious that Vinnie would not send up fresh for any table, but the fact that it is his family has enraged him.

On a side note, Chef Ramsay’s four children could not be any cuter.