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Hell’s Kitchen, Oct. 13 – It's All in the Editing

I was hoping for a little less drama tonight, but as I turned on the DVR, the description flashed before me and the first two words read, “Tensions build”. How can this be, how can the tension rise even more. It started me thinking about one of the winning prizes. Spokesperson for a vineyard is one of the prizes this year; you would think that a title like that you would insist a person be well-spoken and well-liked. More than half the cast could be eliminated right now for not being able to live up to the expectations. I just know tension builds must mean more drama.

In the opening of tonight’s show, we catch up with the chefs as they are leaving Melissa’s eviction. Sabrina pulls her team aside and promises to lose the attitude. She wants to be a more humble, positive Sabrina. I don’t think Nona believes her for a second; she tells the diary cam that Sabrina is a ghetto bitch. Boris is, I think, looking for his own positive reinforcement from his teammates. He doesn’t know what to do, because he feels Chef Ramsay hates him. Vinnie tells him they can’t help him with that. Both the red and blue kitchens are getting tired of carrying the weight of Sabrina and Boris. They may want to change and might be ready to step up to the plate, but for their teammates, it seems it is a little too little, a little too late.

The next morning has the chefs going downstairs to the dining room for the challenge. They are greeted by Chef Ramsay who is standing next to a cloth-covered table. My guess is that it is the letter dice challenge. Nona tells the diary cam she thought maybe it was a cadaver. What possible challenge can she see doing with a dead body? I am right, sort of. It is a roulette table. The wheel has letters on it. Each contestant will spin the wheel. When the ball lands on a letter they will have ten seconds to name an ingredient that starts with that letter. Vinnie is chosen to go twice since blue only has four remaining contestants. The kitchens will then take those 5 ingredients and make one cohesive entree as a team.

Blue kitchen is first up. Vinnie spins a K; he chooses Kale. It’s a good thing I am not on this team. The first word that popped into my mind was kangaroo. His second ball lands, hits with Y, and he chooses yams. Boris follows Vinnie, and the guys still don’t have a protein picked. He lands on M. It’s a simple enough letter with lots of great possibilities. Boris chooses Miso, to the wonderment of Chef Ramsay, the disgust of his team, and the pure joy of the red kitchen. Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting rice, barley and/or soybeans, with salt a fungus, the most common is being made with soy. The result is a thick paste used for sauces and spreads, pickling vegetables or meats. Just what every chef wants to go with his kale and yams.

Rob is up next, gets an S and potentially saves his team with Striped Bass. I have, in the past, spent many a night at the Jersey Shore fishing (well technically being the supportive girlfriend) Striped Bass. They are a wonderful fish, especially fresh caught and grilled. I’m not too sure about pickled with miso though. Russell is up last. I would be very surprised if he picks some kind of wild ingredient; he rounds up the dish with Asparagus.

The red kitchen is up next. Trev is up first and lands an R. This has to be one of the easiest letters to find a match. I guess he thinks that he still should gel with the blue team and picks rutabaga. My only personal experience tasting turnip family root is when people ruin a perfectly good pie with it. If I’m lucky this will be the cause of a red team loss and the gals will gang up on Trev and he will be gone. Chef Ramsay seems more taken back with Rutabaga then Miso. Jillian is next with Cauliflower, what the heck is up with people?

Has no one heard of Crab or Chicken? Good grief, maybe all potential contestants should play food scattegories before appearing on Hells’ Kitchen. As with the blindfolded taste challenge, this challenge is a regular. Surely it would make sense to pick your protein as quick as possibly so that the others following behind you can build on a dish. Sabrina is up next. As much as her attitude makes me crazy, it would be a safe assumption that she should have a smart pick. Never mind. Sabrina could choose beef, but she goes with bok choy. I am honestly sitting here shaking my head. Chef Ramsay asks if they are going vegetarian on this dish. Gail, surely Gail can’t disappoint us. F, well that could be, oh I don’t know, FISH! Nope, she goes with fennel, makes more sense than filet mignon, fettuccini or frankfurter at this point. Nona is last, I have faith. It’s an S, so she chooses salmon.

They have 30 minutes to make their dish. The red kitchen is going to puree the cauliflower, and Trev is going to stand by his rutabaga and make chips with it. I don’t know how they are going to incorporate the bok choy though. Over in blue, Boris likes miso, he’s worked with miso, and he will stand by his miso and take it on myself. Boris tells his team he would not have chosen it if he didn’t know what he was doing. Russell is egging him on and being aggressive Russell, but when all is said and done, Russell likes what Boris has done with it. He’s a man that knows his miso; they all love it.

Red is not as lucky with their wild choices. It turns out Trev doesn’t know what he is doing with rutabaga and has never made chips out of it before. Hell’s Kitchen really should not be your recipe testing ground. Nona, and the entire red team, find them burnt and bitter. Trev, however, likes them and thinks the will impress. Red’s solution to bad cauliflower puree is to keep adding butter. Nona says she is going to make it work.

If there is a weak player in blue right now it would be Rob. He wants to serve blanched yam and asparagus. Russell walks over and tells, not suggests, him to add cilantro and coriander, but Rob says no. They both finish in the nick of time.