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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 5 – You Don't Win Friends With Salad

Winning Three
Yigit – Elvis thought it was exciting and beautiful and chic. Yard was impressed by the detail work.
Morgan – Dann said it was a dress ready to go dancing all night, and the ring was gorgeous.
Zac – Yard thought the pasties’ flavors were phenomenal. Elvis thought it was very well done.

Morgan wins the challenge thanks to the creativity, technique and flavor. Zac jokes that the straight boy from Texas is kicking his ass. I laughed at the gritted teeth smiles coming from Zac and Yigit as Morgan won.

Losing Three
Eric – He admits to being overwhelmed by the challenge, and it caused him to forget the recipe on the cookies. He admits to all of their critiques on the sad shape of the dress. Gail thought it looked like a caveman made it.
Heather C – She says she wanted to avoid chocolate and add color, and Elvis points out that she failed to show any pastry techniques as a result. Gail says the garden party theme was absent in the petit fours. Dann thinks the dress appears to have been made by drunken sorority girls.
Danielle – She was happy with the dress, but she clearly knows what is in store for her after listening to Heather C’s critique. She stumbles on her words a bit, and Elvis asks her point blank if she was unable to do the technique needed to make the dress out of chocolate. She recovers at the end. Gail says she used the most inedible product to make the dress. Gail thought it was cheap looking. Elvis did praise the whoopee pie, as it showed great technique.

In the end, Heather C goes home. Again. She was out of her league in this competition, so it is for the best.

Quickfire Hits
• Danielle on Zac’s verbal abilities – “He can see ice cubes to an Eskimo.” Yes, but can they make him shut up?
• Yigit and Gail had a little back and forth about how his boyfriend makes him make soufflés all the time. Gail is jealous. I think if I was with a pastry chef there would be many demands made.
• Last week they pulled ice cream scoops rather than the traditional Top Chef knife block, this week, they drew cookies. I say pick one and go with it.
• The Divas are obsessed with Gail’s shoes. That may be the gayest sentence I have written in a long time.
• Morgan is obsessed with women’s shoes – that may be the creepiest sentence I have written in a long time. He later says he wanted to take his dress back to the room, and that his inspiriation was basically horniness.
• I also didn’t understand the reason for the Arnold Schwarzenegger impression at Albertsons when Morgan said “chili powder.” Strange, strange dude.
• At Albertsons as Eric worried and Heather C put beans, gum and leeks in her cart, you could already map out the Bottom Three.
• I refuse to think any more about Yigit’s pants creaming comment. Still shuddering from that.
• Heather H on Morgan’s use of “babe” and “honey” – He degrades women. No, he’s just from Texas.
• Heather C was seriously sewing dried turnips on the dress. DESSERT CHALLENGE! Come on!
• Extra scene – a montage of nicknames. And some hysterical funny faces from Danielle.

Next week – Morgan and Heather get into a scuffle. Morgan compares himself to Shaq.

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