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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Ep 5 – You Don't Win Friends With Salad

Elimination Challenge – Make an edible dress using a pair of shoes selected after a random draw of numbers. Also, make two petit fours to be used as couture. They have eight hours to prepare, and then two more the next day. As Zac, an experienced edible dressmaker explained, it usually takes him weeks to make one.

Erika Her dress is a chocolate short dress with frills at the top and bottom. She used popcorn, dusted in cocoa and raspberry powder to decorate the skirt. The chocolate feathers were also impressive. Her petit fours – Raspberry Jelly and Pistachio Mousse “earrings” and Lemon Milk Chocolate Ganache and Apricot Jam “purse” – Gail thought it was sexy and liked the skirt. Yard felt the petit fours were too big, as they are the amuse bouche of the dessert world. Dann joked that you could take a laptop out of that purse.

Zac – He basically made a wearable chocolate outfit that could have been used on Xena: Warrior Princess. His petit fours – Chocolate Passion Fruit and Lemongrass “Pasties” and Coconut Black Tea and Pineapple “makeup kit.” Yard jokes that Zac was meant for this challenge. Elvis felt it was very skillful to make it wearable. Yard thought the cookie was crispy, but Elvis found a sandy texture left behind.

Eric – Oh, Eric. The dress looks unfinished, with broken cookie squares comprising the bodice and skirt. Smears of raspberry decorated the gaps. As Dann said, it looked like his fictional housewife had a hard day. His petit fours – Cherry Chocolate “pendant” and Chocolate Cake and Banana “clutch” – Elvis comments on the cracked cookies, and Gail thought the pendant was lame. Elvis really praised the flavors in the cheesecake. Essentially, that cake and the fact that he actually made dessert saved him.

Heather C – On the bright side, the dress is pretty and colorful. On the down side, it is made of vegetables. She has a little bit of chocolate spread on a cumberbund belt. That’s it. Her petit fours – Chocolate Caramel “clutch” with Malden Sea Salt and Chambord Fleur De Lys “Hair pin.” Elvis liked the caramel, but the chocolate petit fours were essentially a bit boring and looked nothing like the dress.

Yigit He wanted to make a Bjork-like dress and he basically crossed it with the Ice Queen from “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.” It is impressive looking, but I didn’t find it to be all that pretty or sexy. His petit fours – Raspberry and Pinot Noir Ice Cream “Hair pin.” and Olive Oil and Citrus Cake “brooch.” Dann felt it was right off the runway. Yard thought the flavors felt flat.

Morgan He wound up making a shiny, short, sexy black dress with a red vertical stripe. He also had enough time to construct a clutch to match the pumps. Impressive. His petit fours – Spiced raspberry Ruby “ring” bonbon and Red Hot Cinnamon Macaroon “earring.” He says it was red hot because the dress and shoes were red hot. Dann agreed that the dress was damn sexy and sassy, and the macaroon quite hot.

Heather H She designed a beautiful light brown/yellow dress which actually appeared to have been draped on the model. Really technically stunning. Her belt was made of modeling chocolate and the dress had pretty pasta ruffles. Her petit fours – Lemon Curd Macaroon “Purse” and Almond Cake with Raspberry Cream and Passion Fruit. Dann was amazed by the draping, something hard to do with cloth. Elvis says the macaroon was not as good as Morgan’s.

Danielle Ugh. She says she went for retro and modern, but what it turned out to be was something from a grade school play. She used beets, celery and leeks. She strung carrots into a necklace. The thing looked like something from the Vegetable Tales’ Annual Award ceremony. Yuck. Her petit fours – Red Velvet Whoopie Pie “purse.” and Roasted Banana Ice Cream Bonbon “watch” Elvis channels Fabio and says this is Top Chef: Just Desserts and not Top Chef: Vegetables. Dann says the purse would be exactly what someone in this dress would be carrying. And I think that was a complement.