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Amazing Race 17–Ep 3 Commentary-Was The Clue Big Enough?

Route Markers
• Brooke continues to charm me with her endless reserves of enthusiasm and real time externalized internal monologue. I like her description of the Boxing Academy as “a bunch of burly men,” and how we keep encountering challenges based on her skills and hobbies (first selling, then her boxing hobby). I wonder if the next challenge will be auctioneer. I mean, she even talks while throwing punches at a speed bag!
• Why does Claire keep calling Brooke “Bam”? This is mystery I will need solved. Is a fixation on Emeril?
• More singing from Gryffindor – “We Love Samson/Please drive faster.” At least Samson the Cabbie loves them back.
• Foreshadowing alert – KNat…”I hope we don’t get lost!”
• Anyone else amused when Rachel passed Chad in the boxing challenge?
• There seemed to be a lot of movement in the driving as far as standings are concerned. Garlory moved up substantially from Pit Stop to Roadblock, as did Chad/Steph.
• Kevin to boxer – “You know Muhammad?” I know he meant Ali, but in most of the world, that question takes on a whole other meaning.
• When Volleyball insulted KNat – “You dumb doctors” – during the ending of KNat’s lost cab ride, I started to hope for their sake that they don’t require medical attention anytime soon. Speaking of that cab turn-around – way to generate drama from nothing for your commercial break, Show!
• Another clunker from Jonathan – “We have an African Studies Major.” CLUNK!
• Mallory rattling off all the cool things about America she thought of when witnessing the Third World classroom – it reminded me of Queen Latifah on last week’s 30 Rock, “Freedom! Troops! America! Flag! Who wants Pizza?!?”
• Loved the Four Square split screen of the geography challenge.
• Laughed out loud when Claire decided to circle the school children as she attempted to figure out the clue. That watermelon got her harder than we thought. Even better? Chad copying her and then stealing kids’ books and homework.
• Thomas to Jill after finishing the physical challenge – “Sweaty hug, sweaty hug.” Poor Jill.
• I’d like to see the challenge that has the “goat marker” that KNat was talking about.

Roadblock – Choose a boxer to teach you how to wrap your hands properly, use the speed bag for a minute and jump rope for another minute – Brooke, Rachel, Chad, Kevin, Connor, Thomas, Gary, Vicki, Nat.

Detour Bicycle Parts – roll the bicycle rim across a soccer field using a stick – Everyone except Gryffindor. Language Arts – Find Word Search using symbols based on a decoded list of proverbs – Only Gryffindor, several teams attempted and failed.

– Gryffindor (five grand each!), Garlory, Chad/Steph, Volleyball, Tattoo Two, QVC, Jill/Thomas, KNat, and YouTube (NON-ELIMINATED)

Next week – The Arctic!! Cool!
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