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The Amazing Race 17, Oct. 10 – Princeton Is a Good School, I Swear

Brook and Claire finish and head to the pit stop, as Nick and Vicki jump on the mat to be named team number five, with Brooke and Claire right after them being named team number six. Phil tells both teams that tomorrow they will all come back here to do some remodeling of the classrooms to give back to the community. Claire is honored to do that.

Michael and Kevin are just starting Bicycle Parts. Jill and Thomas finish and head to the pit stop, as Kevin finishes his bike rim game. Michael has to take a break and tells Kevin he can’t go on. Kevin tels him he can’t give up. Nat and Kat finish, and it’s more trouble for them, as they’re talking about following the marked foot path.

Michael finally finishes the first pass with his bike rim and has to go back, but says he can’t and apologizes to his Kevin. A medic comes and pulls him off the challenge to get him checked out. He feels badly to have caused them to fall into last place, as he apooigzes to Kevin again.

Jill and Thomas run onto the mat for seventh place, and Nat and Kat appear lost, meaning maybe Kevin and Michael have a chance. He wants to show his son they can still be a team. They want to make it to the finish line, no matter how difficult, to finish what they start. Nat and Kat are still lost, but get directions. Michael is going really slowly, but so are Nat and Kat. Michael finishes and he and Kevin get their clue. They head to the pit stop as Nat and Kat are still looking for the path. The doctors find the route marker and start running.

The team to hit Phil’s mat next are Nat and Kat. Michael and Kevin come running in next, and Phil tells them they are the last team to arrive. Michael explains his body gave out, and he just wanted to travel to as many places as he could with his son. The good news is it’s a non-eomination leg. Michael is so happy, and Kevin tells him that’s why you don’t give up. Michael thanks him. They have to complete a speed bump on the next leg, but they don’t mind. Kevin is motivated even more now.

In all the non-eliminations I’ve seen on The Amazing Race, and there have been at least two in each of the seventeen seasons, this has to be the one that feels the most right. It’s always great when a favorite team stays when you didn’t expect them to make it, but this one is just that much more great. They just have such a great attitude, and Michael was so intent on finishing, even though they knew they were last. It just feels right.

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