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The Amazing Race 17, Oct. 10 – Princeton Is a Good School, I Swear

Gary and Mallory get their supplies corrrect and head to the schoolhouse. Vicki tells Nick he’s sorry as they reload, and he tells her he doesn’t care about her “I’m sorries” and tells her she has no common sense in her whole body. He’s not going to get over being pissed until Phil tells them they’re not last. Boy, this guy is a barrel of laughs tonight.

Gary and Mallory are at the outdoor school, and he notes the kids all have smiles on their faces and all look so happy. She feels so badly for these people, yet the kids don’t relize anything different as it’s all they know. It makes her appreciate freedom and luxury and justice. Gary places Ghana corectly on the map, and they decide to do the bicycle game. Michael and Kevin get their things delivered and head to a classroom, as do Jill and Thomas and Chad and Stephanie.

Gary and Mallory start the bicycle parts game, and he finishes, while she still works on it. She says it’s like 100 degrees out there, yet all the boys are sailing away with the bike rim. Nat and Kat finally arrive and wonder why it looks so easy to be delviering those supplies. Chad and Stephanie get their Geography right, as do Jil and Thomas and Brook and Claire and Katie and Rachel. All decide on Language Arts. Nick and Vicki head to the school, finally getting the right supplies delivered.

Brook and Claire are at the Language Arts challenge, and after getting the proverb with eight words highlighted, and then seeing the eight children playing games, Claire decidees they need to use the chalk to circle the children playing in a circle, who most likely thought she was a crazy American. The other teams see them doing that, so assume they need to do the same thing. The kids just stare at them.

Seeing the big symbol map, Brook and Claire realize their error. Jill and Thomas and Chad and Stephanie can’t find the “decoder key.” Thomas looks in the kids’ textbooks. Michael and Kevin finish their schooling and decide to do Language Arts as well. As Katie and Rachel switch tasks and head to Bicycle Parts, Mallory finishes, and she and her dad get the clue to head to the pit stop.

Nat and Kat are tired but refuse to give up. They get their supplies delviered and head to the classroom. Brook and Claire get their puzzle wrong as they declare they hate puzzles. Chad and Stephanie decide it’s the “dumbest crap ever” and head to Bicycle Parts. Nick and Vicki have problems with the Geography, as he says, “We’re the dumbest people known to earth literally.” The kids laugh at them making them feel even more stupid. They finaly get it right and decide to do Bicycle Parts. Nat and Kat get it right right away and head to Language Arts, thinking the mental challenge will be easier for them.

Gary and Mallory get to the pit stop to be named team number two, as he says nothing broke down on them today. Nick and Vicki are working on Bicycle Parts. Chad thinks it’s comforting to see the kids playing, as no matter where you are in the world, children are children and playing, seeing the world in such an honest way.

Not so for Nick and Vicki who are still arguing. He takes his rim and throws it, being pissed off that he can’t get it. He tells her, “You can’t do it either, so shut up!” She gets mad at him for discouraging her. Stephanie gets it finished, and they head to the pit stop. Brook and Claire are trying not to panic, as Chad and Stephanie jump on Phil’s mat to be named team number three.

Katie and Rachel finish the task as Brook and Claire head to Bicycle Parts. Jill and Thomas are still trying to figure out the Lanague Arts, knowing they’re probably just overlooking the answer. Nat and Kat decide to head to Bicycle Parts, as Michael and Kevin try to figure it out. Nat thinks the best part of the day is the kids.

Finishing Bicycle Parts, Katie and Rachel head to the pit stop, as Vicki struggles, and Nick calls it ridiculous telling her to hurry up. However, her ashtma has kicked in, and she’s having a hard time breathing. He tells her to open up her lungs by putting her arms above her head. Jill and Thomas decide to switch tasks. Kevin tells Michael he knows he can do the bicycle parts, but is’t sure if his dad can. They decide to move on and try the other task.

Katie and Rachel are named team number four, and Vicki is trying yet again to get this thing with the bike rim. Nat has troubles as well, as Vicki finally gets it. They finish and head to the pit stop, and he now feels crappy for treating her the way he did, saying she’s a good teammate. Looks like we have a season full of his verbal abuse ahead of us.


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