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The Amazing Race 17, Oct. 10 – Princeton Is a Good School, I Swear

Team Glee and Michael/Kevin arrive at the challenge and Kevin decides to do the Roadblock, thinking it will be really physical and that his dad would get tired. Connor decides to do it as well. jill and Thomas are the next team to arrive with Thomas saying he’ll do it, and Gary and Mallory show up just after this, followed by Nick and Vicki, with Gary and Vicki deciding to do the challenge. Connor also tries to do some tricks and fails at it like Chad. Why do you pick to show off like that if you don’t know you can and you’re being filmed for TV? Connor finishes and gets the clue.

Nat and Kat show up in last place, as Chad/Stephanie and Katie/Rachel are leaving. The three teams get in somewhat of a traffic jam with all trying to move at once. The doctors can’t figure out where to go and are called dumb doctors by Katie and Rachel. The doctors are just driving around begging the driver to turn around, and meanwhie they’re getting further away.

Michael and Kevin finish and take off. Nat and Kat are still trying to figure it out and Gary and Mallory finish and take off. Vicki finishes as well, as does Thomas. Nat and Kat finally get there with Nat deciding she’ll do it. Team Glee passes Brook and Claire and are busy looking at yaks. It’s not often you turn on the TV after watching Eminem on 60 Minutes and hear, “Look at all the yaks!”

Nat and Kat finish the Roadblock in last place, yet somehow stil think their luck is turning around. Team Glee are the fist to arrive at the Supply Depot. They have to choose a pair of wheelbarrows, load them up with supplies and deliver them to Asebi D/A Primary School. If they deliver the right supplies, they get the next clue. For some reason they say they aren’t big wheelbarrow guys.

Team Glee gets to the school and get their next clue. They now nneed to take an African Geography Quiz, and when right, will get the next clue. The kids laught at Connor when he can’t get Ghana right. Janathan calls it embarrassing, but they admit to not being big Geography guys. Got it. Not big on wheelbarrows or Geography.

Brook and Claire arrive at the Supply Depot and struggle to push the wheelbarrows. Johnathan finally gets the location right on the map, and Connor tells the students there, “Princeton is a good school, I swear.” Their next clue is a Detour – Bicycle Parts or Language Arts. In Bicycle Parts, teams will learn to play a children’s game of using a stick to roll a bicycle rim all the way down the terrain and back without letting it fall; they’ll get the next clue from the children. In Language Arts, teams will be given a proverb containing eight highlighted phrases, with each phrase having a symbol. They then have to find all the symbols on a wall.

Team Glee decides to do Language Arts and begin their search on “this giant map” for the eight symbols they wrote down from the key. They look for the easier symbols first. Brook and Claire get their supplies to the school and find out they did it wrong, as they put it all in one wheelbarrow. Michael and Kevin arrive, followed by Katie and Rachel. Ah-ha. Katie is the one in the green shirt. She and Rachel argue about the number of some of their supplies, whether they need two or one, and comparing theirs to others who are doing it different, she declares the others are “idiots.”

Nat and Kat now how car trouble and their driver assures them they are good to go now. Michael and Kevin also don’t have the right number of supplies. Gary/Mallory, Nick/Vicki, and Chad/Stephanie arrive at the Supply Depot. Katie and Rachel are told they needed two trowels. Rachel says they already know how to talk to each other in stressful conversations having been teammates together, so don’t have any problem telling each other to move.

Team Glee is still searching for their symbols. They think they have it figured out and show it to the students and are correct. They receive a clue telling them to make their way to the pit stop at The Home of Awusa Ntso, a rural farm. They’re able to run to the pit stop from there and are named team number one. Connor and Jonathan have each won $5000 for coming in first.

Brook and Claire finally get their supplies delivered and head to the geography lesson. Unlike the Team Glee, they’re indoors in a classroom. They note that in the States we take it for granted to go in a school with paint on the walls and in a real school instead of a small shack, but they don’t even have that option here. The HSN hosts get their first stab at the geography wrong.

Nat and Kat are hoping to still see some of the teams at the Supply Depot, to know they aren’t too far behind. Nick and Vicki deliver two bags of cement instead of one and have to go back. He yells at her for getting it wrong, telling her “it’s fifth grade reading.” Do you think that’s the improvement on communication they were discussing earlier?


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