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The Amazing Race 17, Oct. 10 – Princeton Is a Good School, I Swear

Despite losing the mother/daughter team of Andie and Jenna last week on The Amazing Race 17, we still have two teams left that are compromised of parents and children – Michael and Kevin, father and son; and Gary and Mallory, father and daughter. Hopefully these teams will be able to hang in there a little longer, as they’re fun and interesting, especially Michael and Kevin.

The first team to leave from Ghana are Brook and Claire, the HSN hosts, at 7:34 AM. Their clue tells them to travel to the neighborhood of Jamestown to the Akotoku Boxing Academy to get their next clue. Brook is ultra-excited to find out from their cabdriver that they’re headed to a place where they do boxing.

Katie and Rachel leave just one minute later, and MIchael and Kevin ten minutes after that. Kevin explains it’s hard for them to match up physically to these other teams in their 20s and 30s, because Michael is 59. For them it’s worth more than the money they’re competing for, as they just want to stay through each leg and experience the countries.

Brooke and Claire are the first to arrive at Akotoku and find a Roadblock. One member of each team must learn to properly wrap their hands before suiting up in training gear. They’ll work on the speed bag for sixty seconds, jump rope for sixty seconds, then get the clue from the trainer. Brook asks to do this one, and Claire lets her, as Brook explains the two of them have trained at a boxing facility, so she thinks she’s got this one. Claire laughs that if Brook gets in the ring with the guys training there, she’ll win. Brook isn’t having the easiest time wrapping her hands. Having done it before for kickboxing as well as when breaking bricks, I can tell you it’s not as easy as it looks.

Katie and Rachel are stopped to ask for directions, it turns out they’re on the wrong side of the area from w here they need to be. They’re a little upset with their cabdriver for saying he knew where it was when he didn’t.

Chad and Stephanie leave at 7:52 AM, and they ask their cabdriver if he knows where it is, and he says he does, but judging by what Katie and Rachel experienced, maybe he doesn’t. The next to leave are Jill and Thomas six minutes later, followed by Connor and Jonathan, aka Team Glee, at 8:01. They thoughtfully introduce themselves to their cabdriver.

Brook finally has her hands wrapped and is hitting the speed bag. Chad and Stephanie come running in ahead of the other teams. Katie and Rachel are next. Brook is still flirting, telling the trainer, “That looks good on you by the way,” when he’s wearing her black baseball cap. Once she’s done jumping rope, she gets the clue telling them to travel by taxi to the Dadu District and find the Supply Depot to get their next clue. Claire tells Brook. “You just knocked that one out, no pun intended.” Cue the eye rolls.

Chad is doing the Roadblock and gets his hands wrapped and is on to the speedbag, as is either Katie and Rachel, whichever are doing the Roadblock. Hopefully I’ll learn to tell the difference before they get eliminated. Jill and Thomas’ driver is stopped asking how to get to the Boxing Academy. Team Glee sings to their driver and asks him to drive faster to pass Michael and Kevin, and he does as requested. They’re entertaining, that’s for sure, but can they really compete?

Nat and Kat leave at 8:02 AM, as Nat explains she and Kat knew there would be times they were at the bottom; they just need to have the strategy to never give up. They’ve learned that through their job as anesthesiologists. They hope they have a good driver, knowing you can’t make up time with a good driver, but you can lose the game with a bad one.

Nick and Vicki leaves two minutes later, and know they need to work on the communication. Gary and Mallory leave in last place, the they’re determined to move up. They hope they got all the bad luck out of the way in the last leg.

Chad is jumping rope and likes to think he’s pretty good at it. He starts doing tricks and trips himself up, having to start over again. Meanwhile Katie/Rachel finish, as Chad notes afterward that she didn’t look as good as him doing it, apparently not enjoying that he just got shown up by a girl. There’s those eye rolls again. He finishes just after Katie/Rachel.


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