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Top Chef: Just Desserts–Ep 4–Newsflash: This Show Is A Competition

At Judges Table, the Morgan-led team won, leading Yigit to unleash a heaping helping of bitterness. “We put so much more into that showpiece,” said the Bitterman. Clearly less was more. Elvis raved about Morgan’s dish and how the flavors, texture and layout was perfect. Theoden tells HH that they theme of the show was in her showpiece (and why she beat you, Yigit!) and Gale liked the smoothness of her dessert. Eric’s was good but clearly the worst of the three. Morgan wins and HH is pissed and went on her little tirade. As Morgan rightfully pointed out – she volunteered for the duty and has only herself to blame.

The other six are all called in for judging. Yigit’s team gets nailed for the lack of fire. After Zac gets some praise for his dish, Malika halts the whole proceeding by volunteering for elimination claiming she does “not want to see her fellow chefs eliminated” knowing how much they all want to win, and she doesn’t care about it.

Oh well, you were cute, Malika, but not all that compelling to watch as you failed to plate Quickfires and went down in flames at the end.

Quickfire Hits
• One thing about Seth – dude is in great shape. I guess he has time to work out instead of doing any self-reflection.
• Zac on what sets off Seth – “Paper cups and grapefruit juice.” Word.
• Danielle on Seth’s breakdown – “I feel bad in a human compassionate way, but…” Yeah, we all have that but too.
• HC kept talking about being “about to walk out the door” and he she “felt excluded” and so much whine I thought this was going to be Top Chef: Wine edition. I almost wanted the judges to tell Malika – sorry, but we really, really want to eliminated HC again. As HH said, she just needs to suck it up.
• Morgan to one weird actor – “Pardon me if I don’t taste you.” You are pardoned.
• Extra Scene – Eric is the Zen Baker. I would totally frequent a bakery called “The Zen Baker” if it existed.

Next week Morgan likes women shoes.

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