Top Chef: Just Desserts–Ep 4–Newsflash: This Show Is A Competition

Quickfire Hits
• One thing about Seth – dude is in great shape. I guess he has time to work out instead of doing any self-reflection.
• Zac on what sets off Seth – “Paper cups and grapefruit juice.” Word.
• Danielle on Seth’s breakdown – “I feel bad in a human compassionate way, but…” Yeah, we all have that but too.
• HC kept talking about being “about to walk out the door” and he she “felt excluded” and so much whine I thought this was going to be Top Chef: Wine edition. I almost wanted the judges to tell Malika – sorry, but we really, really want to eliminated HC again. As HH said, she just needs to suck it up.
• Morgan to one weird actor – “Pardon me if I don’t taste you.” You are pardoned.
• Extra Scene – Eric is the Zen Baker. I would totally frequent a bakery called “The Zen Baker” if it existed.

Next week Morgan likes women shoes.

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