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Top Chef: Just Desserts–Ep 4–Newsflash: This Show Is A Competition

Quickfire – Make a kick-ass ice cream sundae.

Zac – “Black Forest Is Burning” Sundae with Fried Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream

Erika – Chocolate Banana S’mores Frangelico Sundae

Morgan – “Sunday Snack” – Oreo Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich with Chocolate MilkMorgan is pleased that this is his son’s favorite flavor and that ice cream reminds him of his visiting day with his kid on Sundays. Gail gives it an “mmm, that’s good.”

Eric – Natural Vanilla with Sautéed Peaches, Brandy, and Crisp

Yigit – Peanut Butter and S’mores Cookie Dough SundaeHe is ice cream obsessed (like me – I just had some myself!), and it seems it is a popular dish in Turkey.

Danielle – Rocky Road Meets Neapolitan Sundae, with Roasted Strawberries, Cinnamon and Honey

Sorry – no idea what Heather H and Malika made – clearly they finished fourth and fifth.

Bottom Three
Eric – it did not meet the level of creation that it should have.
Danielle – She called it Neapolitan, but it didn’t translate well.
Erika – They were instructed to not just make it about nuts and bananas, and yet, she did.

Top Three
Zac – They liked the crumbs used.
Yigit – They loved his ganache and how he was having fun.
Morgan – The texture and temperature was perfect.

Morgan wins and gets immunity.

EliminationFirst, Heather C is brought back into the game to replace Seth. Yawn. She spends the rest of the episode cooking with no confidence and talking about quitting as well. Double yawn. The Top 3 from the Quickfire get to select their teams for the challenge – Morgan takes HH, Yigit takes Erika, Zac takes Malika. The same three then take Eric, Danielle and HC respectively.

The Chefs are to view a performance from some bizarre avant-garde performance artists called Lucent Dossier – which, as HH described is a cross between Mad Max and Cirque du Solel. To me – they looked like rejected extras from Moulin Rouge.

HH – She made the showpiece inspired by the dresses worn and the room itself. And, Triple Chocolate Chai Tea Mousse Torte Theoden thought she nailed the essence of the artists with the showpiece. Gail was a big fan of the Chai – it was sultry and exotic. Ah, I miss Padma.

Morgan – Mango Panna Cotta, Acai Fluid Gel and Passion Fruit Sorbet They all rave about it.

Eric – Lemon Caramel Roulade with Pomegranate Sauce and Candied KumquatsElvis didn’t think it was visually appealing or sexy. Other Gale found that his standing the roulade on the end equaled whimsy from Simple Eric the Baker.

Flaming Dish – Almond Cream with Spiced Cherry Flambé Not much said, but they liked it


Zac – He made the showpiece out of a mold of his own face and tried to glam it up, Also, he made a Banana Crème Fraiche Cake with Red Curry Frosting Elvis liked the glam factor. He also found Zac’s dish to be fun, and Gale was a big fan of the curry.

HC – Black Pepper Pineapple with Chocolate Sherbet and Meringue Shards Theoden found it too simple, and Elvis said it was the least playful.

Malika – Saffron Panna Cotta with Feuilletine Crunch and Candied Ginger Elvis thought it was delicate and Gail said it was Malika’s best of the season.

Flaming Dish – Dark Chocolate Crème Fraiche Cake with Flambéed Cherries Elvis liked the spin on the traditional cake, and Theoden appreciated the risk.

Yigit – He made the showpiece based on shapes in the show. Also, he made Crème Fraiche and Sweet Lime Bavarian with Tonka Bean Sorbet Not much said about the showpiece, but Theoden and Elvis both thought his dish was feminine.

Danielle – Chocolate Mousse Cake with Basil Ice Cream Theoden liked the basil but it was too dense. Elvis needed more.

Erika – Almond Ice Cream Bar with Roasted Pineapple Elvis pointed out how she was wise to put a frozen dessert on a frozen dish. Theoden liked the acidity. Some random actor wants her child – she should run away fast.

”Flaming” Dish – Almond Citrus Mirliton Flambéed with Bourbon They chose not to flame on for the judges. A rather odd choice and one for which they were skewered by the judges. At Judges Table, Elvis frankly asked Yigit to recite the challenge – including the part about the flaming dessert.