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Project Runway, Oct. 7 – The Gang's All Here

Michael made what looks like a cream poncho and pumpkin-colored knickers for his first look. His second look includes a brown jacket, a beige top, and draped orange pants that make the model’s thighs look a lot bigger than they probably really are. His third look is a short-sleeved tan mindress with a zipper down the front and a wide brown belt.

The last up is Mondo. His first look is a black and light orange tunic over plum, knee-length bicycle shorts. His second look consists of black leggings, a white top, and a short-sleeved, two-toned dark jacket. His third also involves black leggings, but the top is a white tunic with black panels down the sides.

Heidi tells everybody that no one is safe and that the judges will speak to them all. Michael, Christopher, and Gretchen have the lowest scores and have to go backstage to stew while the judges talk to the other three.

The judges start with Mondo. Heidi teases him a bit by asking what had happened to her “favorite look”– the one they had basically fought over. He answers that he decided to start over and used geometry as an inspiration for his new pieces. Michael Kors likes the whimsy of Mondo’s pieces, but declares the leggings to be boring. Nina likes the satin on the jacket, and Norma calls his designs “go to” pieces. Heidi also likes his work. The judges agree that Mondo did good work, especially since he’d had to a use a muted palette.

April tells the judges she’d wanted to do “comfy high fashion.” Michael Kors loves the asymmetry of her dress, but says it’s more of a party dress than active wear. Heidi thinks it’s something to throw on after going to the gym. She doesn’t like the shorts, which look too tight, and Norma doesn’t like everything being black.

Andy wanted to emphasize comfort. Heidi likes them and says they would fit her line. Michael calls them exciting and wearable. Nina thinks they are a little “too Halloween,” but Norma thinks they are “beautiful.”

The judges send Mondo, April, and Andy away so they can talk to the folks on the bottom. Backstage, the top designers agree that Michael and Christopher are the most at risk.

Michael is up first. He tried to do something that was both fitted and loose. Heidi doesn’t like the fact that he introduced a lot of new colors. She also doesn’t think the clothes look athletic. Michael Kors doesn’t think the clothes look relaxed. Nina thinks there are too many accessories, while Norma that there are some good pieces, like the cropped cargo pants.

Christopher confesses he’s never done activewear before. He wanted to make something that looked easy and effortless. Michael Kors thinks the clothes look so cheap that he can’t imagine anybody paying more than ten dollars for them. Nina thinks the clothes are poorly proportioned. Michael Kors says the leggings were the best piece. Norma thinks it’s obvious that he had a mental block.

Gretchen says Heidi’s collection was missing sophisticated pieces – so she decided to rectify that. Heidi thinks the looks are a “hodge-podge,” and Nina thinks they are too forced and odd-looking. Heidi says the grey coat looks like a bathrobe.

The judges dismiss everybody so they can have their chat, starting with the designers they’d liked. April made strong use of styling. Her clothes had both ease and an edge to them. Andy made a beautiful dress. His clothes looked light and luxurious. Mondo made some interesting pieces, including a beautiful jacket.

Onto the designers they didn’t like. Christopher basically made sleepwear. Michael Kors describes his looks as being for a “pajama party at a retirement home.” Michael C.’s proportions were off and his taste seems questionable. Gretchen’s clothes looked like they’d come from an 80’s dance video. The judges have also noticed that that she is egotistical and can’t take criticism.

The judges call everybody back in to announce their decision. April is in. Andy is the winner, and he will be able to sell all three of his looks on Amazon.com. Mondo and Gretchen are in, leaving Michael C. and Christopher in the bottom. Michael C.’s editing, styling, and taste were all off, while Christopher’s fabric choice was off. His clothes also looked cheap. Christopher is out, and Michael is in.

Next week: Who will go on to Fashion Week?

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