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Project Runway, Oct. 7 – The Gang's All Here

The second day of the challenge begins, and A.J. admits that he’d been embarrassed to work with Michael C. April thinks Peach worries too much about small details, while Christopher is happy to have Ivy’s help.

Michael is using a lot of brown and orange, which Mondo thinks is hideous. Casanova jokes about his “Thanksgiving color scheme.” Funny, but I suspect this might be a bad idea, as Michael should probably stick to the line’s established color scheme. Nor can I see the blonde Heidi wearing anything orange, as that’s generally a color that works better on people with dark complexions.

While sewing, Ivy asks Michael how it feels to be this close to the end, and Michael confesses that he’s surprised to have made it so far. Ivy accuses Michael of cheating. She says he’d cheated during the Jackie Kennedy challenge. Michael asks how it feels to be eliminated for crappy designs. Ivy accuses Michael of sabotaging everybody else.

Ivy adds that he doesn’t deserve to be in the finals, and that his spot should have gone to her, Valerie, or Michael D. Okay, delusional, as well as petty and bitter. Ivy, honey, you never had a prayer of getting anywhere near the finals. The people who get there have generally won several challenges. You, on the other hand, cracked the top only once, and landed in the bottom four times, by my reckoning. As for your pals, Michael D. and Valerie also never won anything. Unlike you, they had both started strong, but faded. You were never a contender. Deal.

A.J. – Michael’s partner – puts in his (worthless) two cents by telling Michael that some of the other designers do believe that he cheated. Michael retorts he’s been sewing since he was a child. Ivy proudly tells Mondo that she’d made Michael cry because he’s not a good person. Mondo simply believes Ivy is bitter and won’t be drawn into her drama. Ivy thinks Michael should be disqualified.

Okay, she’s an idiot on top of everything else. Even if somebody were disqualified for cheating, that still wouldn’t help Ivy get her “rightful” spot back, as the producers would simply ask the most recently eliminated designer back – and that happens to be Valerie. Ivy believes Michael will eventually suffer bad karma for his actions – and she gets hit in the face by something from the sewing machine.

Tim comes in to ask about the accusation of cheating. When Ivy explains she saw fashion tape in the women’s bathroom, Tim basically gives her the back of his hand, telling her it’s too late to do anything. The time to lodge a complaint was during the aforementioned challenge, not several weeks later. In any case, the judges saw nothing, and more importantly, the cameras didn’t pick up anything, either. Since this is a reality show, I’m sure the designers can’t so much as pick their noses without it being filmed. If somebody had tried to cheat, the cameras would have caught them in the act. Since there’s no evidence, Ivy has no case, and Tim isn’t going to waste his time on “he said, she said.”

On the day of the runway show, Christopher jokes he would like to see Mondo go home. April and Gretchen talk about wanting Michael gone.

As the designers put the finishing touches on their frocks, Tim sends in the models. Mondo has warmed to his design and thinks it’s “fun.” Michael tells the stylists to make his models look as if they’ve been to the gym. Then it’s off to the runway, where the designers meet this week’s guest judge, Norma Kamali, a sportswear designer.

Gretchen is up first. Her first look consists of a black jacket, a long, sleeveless white tunic, and grey leggings. Her second look consists of a short white jacket over what looks like two crop tops, one grey and one black. The model is also wearing tight black pants. The third look consists of a black top and black shorts, with a wide grey thing wound about the model’s waist. The model is also wearing a light grey coat.

Andy has decided to try his hand at patterns, using a black and silver-grey color scheme. His first look consists of striped capri pants and a tunic with mid-length sleeves and black trim around the collar and down the front. His second look includes cropped black pants and a hoodie with striped sleeves and a key-hole design on the front. His third look is a minidress with off-the-shoulder long sleeves and a striped pattern. It also looks as if the model is wearing a black top underneath the dress.

April’s first look is a long-sleeved black minidress. Her second look consists of black shorts with a loose black top. Her third look is an asymmetrical black dress with a mid-length sleeve on the right arm and a wide strap on the left side.

Christopher’s first look is a sleeveless, baggy grey shirt with black pants. His second look includes a red top mostly hidden by a two-toned white jacket with wide, mid-length sleeves and a star-burst pattern on the front. The model is also wearing grey pants that have been slit up to the knee. His third look is a grey, rose, and black minidress with colorblocking in the front.