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Project Runway, Oct. 7 – The Gang's All Here

Last week on Project Runway, the designers got to spend some quality time with their loved ones. They also had to make their own textiles and incorporate something from their own pasts in the designs. Mondo won his third challenge in a row – and stunned everybody by revealing that he has been HIV-positive for ten years. Valerie, after struggling for weeks, was sent home.

The next morning, Mondo is excited to have won three challenges in a row. Everybody comments on how quiet things are with just six of them left. The guys comment about only two women being left.

On the runway, Heidi Klum tells the designers they “have grown too comfortable” with their models – so she is going to make them choose new ones. Mondo gets first pick, and Gretchen is last. She opts not to take Mondo’s old model. He is sorry to see her go, as he’d have taken her to Fashion Week with him.

Heidi tells the designers she is their client and that they will be making a head-to-toe look for her line of activewear. Said line is sold exclusively through Amazon.com, so the winner will be able to sell their look there. In order to give the contestants an idea as to what the New Balance collection is like, Heidi summons several models wearing clothes from her line. Mondo is horrified to see there isn’t a single print. Worse, there are no bright colors. He’s going to have to work with a very subdued palette, which isn’t something he’s used to.

The designers go back to the workroom to sketch. After doing that, they spend $100 and 30 minutes in Mood. Andy tells us he plans to make a jacket and pants. Mondo wants to concentrate on silhouette, while Gretchen plans to make a jacket.

Everyone goes back to Parson’s and gets to work. A few hours later, Tim Gunn and Heidi come in to see how everybody is doing. They stop by Christopher first, and Tim gives him some bad news: his new model had to leave because of a family crisis. She is therefore being replaced with Mondo’s old model. Heidi reminds Christopher that women like to be active as well as fashionable.

Next up is Mondo, and Heidi is openly skeptical about how wearable his pieces are. She even goes so far to try a couple on, much to his irritation – and has to struggle to get in them. She’s amazed when Mondo tells her he made the pieces a size 6, and she asks if he could really see her shopping in the too-tight tops. He sarcastically says yes – and goes so far as to say he would wear them. In the end, though, he realizes he is going to have to start over.

Afterwards, Heidi stops by Andy and seems pleased with what he’s done so far. Mondo, meantime, leaves the workroom to sulk and brood. Christopher comes in to talk to him and try to comfort him. Back in the workroom, Heidi is checking on April. She tells April she needs to edit her dress, as it looks too busy.

Heidi checks in with Gretchen – who is using chiffon and double layer jersey. Heidi wants Gretchen to stick to the fabrics actually used in the line. Heidi points out the winning design will be made in those fabrics, so it’s necessary to see how well the designs and fabrics work together. Gretchen, disgusted, throws away her fabrics and begins working with the specified fabrics. Heidi also dislikes the ruching on Gretchen’s leggings.

The last up is Michael, who is making a jacket or poncho with an oversized hood. Heidi is surprised he’s done so well, given that certain people claimed he couldn’t sew. She also notes that many of those people are gone.

After finishing the rounds, Heidi makes an announcement: she wants them to make two more additional looks. She assures them they will have help. The designers have twenty minutes to sketch and $200 dollars to spend at Mood. Gretchen has trouble there, as Tim keeps vetoing her fabric choices.

The promised “help” turns out to be the six last eliminated designers. Michael is horrified to see this, as most of them had hated him.

Mondo gets first pick of a partner and chooses Valerie. Gretchen picks her buddy Casanova, and Christopher chooses Ivy, possibly because they like the same boring, colorless palette. Michael chooses A.J., while April picks Peach. Andy is left with Michael D, and isn’t happy about it, as he believes he will have to “dumb down” his look to accommodate the latter’s lesser skills. Mondo, by now, has scrapped his original look, and he and Valerie immediately start collaborating on three new looks.