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Hell's Kitchen, Oct. 6 – The Great Scallop Debacle

Service is completed and there is no winning team tonight. It had more speed bumps then a church parking lot. Boris believes Melissa is worse than he is. I would have liked to see Rob go up; he was on a scallop power trip and wouldn’t accept scallops that were cooked well. Nona thinks Sabrina is worse than she is. There is no way someone as immature as Sabrina can run a kitchen.

Both teams go downstairs. The red team nominates Sabrina. Jillian tells Chef Ramsay that Sabrina’s behavior on garnish was uncalled for. The blue team nominates Boris. Vinny tells Chef Ramsay that Boris’s performance was pitiful and has been on three out of the four stations in the kitchen.

Chef Ramsay calls them both down. He says they were good choices. He adds that while they were thinking about nominating someone so was he. He calls Nona and Melissa down to the front. Sabrina is thrilled.

Boris believes he has passion and drive. Nona believes she busts her butt on every service and won’t perform this badly again. Chef Ramsay is concerned she has peaked. Melissa believes blue will be a better fit for her. Chef Ramsay says different jacket, same problems.

Chef Ramsay tells Sabrina there is a level of respect she has not learned in the industry and asks her why she should stay. I wish she would be honest and just say people think she is good TV because she is full of drama and loves to create chaos. That would be so refreshing. She believes she doesn’t give up; she adds that she fights, maybe in the wrong way, but she could drop the attitude. Chef Ramsay points out that this is a competition not kindergarten. She says she is asking for a chance. UGH, how many chances can she be given?

Boris and Sabrina live another day in Hell’s Kitchen, to see yet another elimination. Melissa is sent packing.

Judging from the previews, next week will be more of the same.

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