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Hell's Kitchen, Oct. 6 – The Great Scallop Debacle

The red team is left to prep both kitchens for service. Of course ole Trev is disgusted he lost because of a bunch of chicks. Well you knew eventually, if you have watched Hell’s Kitchen from the beginning, that the sexist card would be played. He’s an idiot. Both teams had two dishes win points, so neither team excelled at the task. If Trev had made a salad as good as Rob’s the red team would have won it.

Trev continues to do his mother proud by saying he forgot what it was like to hang around chicks all day long. He hates the way they all whine about the punishment. I guess it is better to take it like a man and curse at teenage girls. Now with all that said, I like that he is not afraid of Sabrina like the ladies are. He sees she does nothing during prep and is calling her out and forcing her to do things. She is doing whatever she can to walk away from him. Nona is happy someone else see’s that it is not just the women being catty.

Melissa is enjoying her new teammates and her fantastic lunch. Back in the dining room, the red team is also treated to lunch. In the spirit of salad they are served fresh flowers. Trev says he is going to take it like a dude and he piles onto his fork as many flowers as he can stab. He has a nice full mouth of flowers when one of the ladies notices that her plate is moving. There are bugs in the flowers. The manly man Trev starts spitting things out of his mouth.

Chef Ramsay arrives at the Getty for Robs’ photo shoot. Chef Ramsay starts to poke fun at Rob’s size. I wonder why he has such a problem with overweight people. Rob says that the skinny guys better watch out because he is what women want.

Everyone is back in the kitchen ready to prep. Trev decides he needs to go back to the blue team to vent. It seems he needs to go back to his friends and cry like a baby. He has done nothing but complain about how much they complain. In this writers’ humble opinion, sexism is one of those things that seems acceptable in society to many, but to me it is like nails on a chalkboard. It is validation, though, on my reasoning behind not following through into the profession.

Chef Ramsay lines everyone up for their pep talk before service. He asks Rob if the blue team is stronger without Trev, and to Trev’s horror, the answer is yes. That seems to ignite Trev as he declares to the diary cam that “fatty is going down tonight”. Sigh.

Chef tables are moved into the kitchen for VIPs. Rob’s Scallop Salad is on the menu. The doors are opened. There are a few celebs again in the booths tonight. Carly Smithson, who was on American Idol, her very tattooed husband, and some friends are there. The VIP tables are in also. Kelli Williams from Lie To Me and The Practice arrives for the blue kitchen, which will be served by a sweaty Rob. Over in Red it is Mo Gaffney, actress and comedienne, who will be served by Jillian.

Appetizers are flying out of both kitchens. Entrees are starting in blue kitchen, and Melissa is having problems cooking scallops. It is really ridiculous that they even made it to the pass for Chef Ramsay to see. Melissa only cooked one side of the scallop. She brings those scallops, raw side down, over to Rob. Rob takes them off the pan and places them on the salad he has already made. Chef Ramsay yells at Rob, and Rob starts yelling at Melissa. Russell starts yelling at Rob.

Nona brings raw scallops up to the pass twice; what makes it worse is that it is for the chefs table in the kitchen. I do not understand what is so hard about cooking a scallop. Every season scallop-cooking seems to be an issue. Here is a hint for all the Hell’s Kitchen wanna-be’s; you must know how to cook a scallop. Period!

The scallop disaster reaches its peak when Rob turns away every single scallop Melissa makes, and Melissa runs out of scallops. There are no more scallops to cook in the blue kitchen. At some point I think he is just doing it to get Melissa thrown under the bus, because some of those scallops look fine. She should have said something to Chef Ramsay and exerted herself.

There are not many dishes leaving out of either kitchen. Garnish headed by Boris and Sabrina are both failing. Trev seems to be enjoying screaming at Sabrina who just can’t handle the garnish station. Somehow both teams are working on their last tables. Boris brings up raw something, it looks gross. He is thrown out of the kitchen. Boris tells the diary cam he got a spanking on the garnish station.