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Hell's Kitchen, Oct. 6 – The Great Scallop Debacle

The contestants go back down to the dining room, and Sabrina tells Chef Ramsay she has made her decision. Her first nominee is Melissa. Sabrina believes she draws negative attention to the team and doesn’t see an executive chef in her. Her second nominee is Emily. Smart girl that Sabrina is, she believes she is in over her head. Chef Ramsay asks Nona if there is anything she wants to get off of her chest; she doesn’t, but is very uncomfortable that he has asked her.

Melissa believes she should stay because she is a fighter. Chef Ramsay says he cannot teach common sense, and that he isn’t here for that. Emily believes she has the drive and believes she is improving. Chef Ramsay believes she only gives 60% of herself and has no passion. She disagrees. Chef Ramsay says “my decision is … Nona” pausing, then asks her who she thinks should go home. You just know her heart skipped a beat. She says Emily should go home, that she is way over her head and not there at all. Chef Ramsay agrees and asks for her jacket. He sends Melissa back in line.

Chef Ramsay asks for everyone to show their passion and commitment. He also tells Russell the only way is up.

Tonight is another double episode. The next morning starts off with Chef Ramsay asking Melissa for her jacket, and she turns and says her goodbyes. She is then told to go stand with the blue team. To say she is not welcome is an understatement. He decides the red team needs a voice and a leader and they are given Trev.

Chef Ramsay tells Trev to lead this team. The challenge is to come up with individual entree salads. The best salad will be featured in Bon Appetit. Each contestant has 30 minutes to create a unique salad. Vinny thinks if he can pull off the salad it will be as sexy as his hair in the morning. I wonder if that is before or after oil treatments.

Jillian is driving Trev nuts asking lots of questions on how to make a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. It is ridiculous. Why would you make a signature salad and not know how to make one of the main components.

To help Chef Ramsay judge the challenge is Sarah Tenaglia, Senior Food Editor of Bon Appetit. Up first are Boris and Gail. Boris prepares a Grilled Fennel, Avocado & Heirloom Tomato Salad with Key Lime Dressing. He is sweating like crazy. His salad is overdressed and soggy. Gail makes a 5 Spice Scallop with Radicchio and Romaine lettuces. Sarah thinks the dish is beautiful, the scallop cooked perfectly, and the dressing delightful. Red wins the point.

Rob and Nona are up next. Rob makes Pan Seared Scallops with Mushrooms and a Grapefruit Vinaigrette. The scallop is perfectly cooked, but the dressing is overwhelming the salad. Nona’s salad has to be one of the ugliest dishes ever made on Hell’s Kitchen. She has two tiny quail bodies just lying on the lettuce. The first words out of Chef Ramsay’s mouth are “Looks like Road kill”. Rob wins the point clearly.

Vinny makes a Trilogy of Meat Salad that Sarah finds hard to eat. It goes against Jillian’s Fruit and Nut Salad. Jillian, I guess, forgets this is supposed to be an Entree salad and there is no protein. Neither wins a point for their efforts.

Russell and Sabrina go head to head. He also makes a lunch time-type salad which Sarah finds lovely. Sabrina prepares an applesauce and pork salad. Sarah says it reminds her of a hot dog; Russell wins the point for blue. How does a salad remind someone of a hot dog?

It comes down to Trev and Melissa. Trev makes an Apple, Pears and Pork Salad with strawberry vinaigrette. Sarah thinks it is a lovely salad. Melissa cooks Seared Duck Breast Salad with Blue Cheese. She has raw fat on the duck, and the cheese is over powering. The score is tied.

To break the tie, Sarah Tenaglia is asked which salad of the foru awarded points was the best. The winning salad is Rob’s. Judging from what they showed us and what we heard, Rob doesn’t seem to be the right person winning. It sounded like she liked Gail’s salad the best.

The blue team wins lunch in Malibu at the Getty Villa. Rob gets the photo shoot. His salad will also be on the menu for service tonight.