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Hell's Kitchen, Oct. 6 – The Great Scallop Debacle

When Russell is asked to watch his language he responds that he is “a grown-ass man”. Russell, cursing does not make you a man. Try respect – it will get you a lot further in life. Where is Jean Philippe when we need him? James doesn’t have the same fire.

Trev steps in and acts like the real man. He has the committee deal with him directly. Vinny wishes them a lousy night and hopes they spill drinks on their dresses.

The next day the teams are prepping for service, and through the magic of editing it is made clear how little work Sabrina actually does. We are treated to a montage of Sabrina clips, hanging at the fridge, hanging at the counter, etc. Chef Ramsay tells them he wants the kitchens to run like a machine tonight and make this prom special. Vinny and Nona are picked by Chef Ramsay to assist in plating the food for their teams tonight.

The first dish to hit the pass is Emily’s crab cakes; they are soggy. Gail steps in to help, and the crab cakes start going out to the guests. Over in blue kitchen, Boris has decided you can’t be too ready and is in the process of making 10 crab cakes, even though they are not yet ordered. Melissa decides she can outdo Boris’ mistake and prepares an entire sheet of filet of beef, even though they are only 3 tickets in to appetizers.

That is just an insane amount of wasted pre-cooked beef; maybe she left her mind on the roller coaster. There are 23 steaks cooked. Chef Ramsay says she just can’t be normal. I don’t know how someone could even justify a mistake like that. All she can say is that sometimes she goes stupid. Lucky for her Boris is sending out cold crab cakes.

Boris goes from holding up appetizers with crab cakes, to holding up entrees with halibut, but they are getting them out quicker than red. Emily cannot grab hold and own the fish station. On blue kitchen Russell starts yelling and takes control of the kitchen. Chef Ramsay is impressed.

Melissa is still having problems with the meat station; she is slicing undercooked meat and sticking it back in to the oven. Anyone that cooks knows that dries up the meat. In the middle of Chef Ramsay scolding Melissa, for some unknown reason, Nona decides she wants to add her two cents. This does not sit well with him. He turns to her and gives her his ever faithful shoulder towel and tells her to take it. Jillian and Sabrina are able to rally their team to a completed dinner service, and the blue kitchen completes theirs as well.

After the teams are lined up, Chef Ramsay announces that there will be a losing team. He congratulates the red team on their appetizers, and then points the finger at Boris for the problems with blue kitchen crab cakes. He tells the men the women clearly took the appetizer service, but deflated horribly when entrees started up. Red team is the losing kitchen. I would have to believe it is Melissa’s time to go.

Hot head Russell gets kudos from Chef Ramsay for his handling of the kitchen. He is told his was the best of the best.

Sabrina is told she is the best of the worst. Nona shakes her head when he announces it, but backs down when he confronts her. Sabrina is told to pick two nominations; she is leaning towards Emily and Melissa. They are the right choices. She goes over to talk to Russell, and he tries to convince her to not put Emily up because she can go home anytime. Could she honestly be stupid enough to put up a strong chef because the opposing team suggests it?

Jillian and Russell want her to put up Gail. Hopefully Sabrina won’t fall for that. She thinks it might be her time to get Gail out of there. Don’t they pay attention? If Chef Ramsay does not like who you select, he calls who he thinks deserves to be there, then thinks you are not capable of making a decision. This would just a stupid move on a lot of different levels.