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Hell's Kitchen, Oct. 6 – The Great Scallop Debacle

We can only hope that the stress level will decrease a little bit, but with Boris and Sabrina still in the kitchen I highly doubt it.

At the beginning of tonight’s show they show Vinny giving Boris enough rope to hang himself; he basically tells him to man up and prove he is who he keeps saying he is. I don’t really see this happening, but maybe that is because I can’t get past the whole Uncle Fester, European back country, persona. Who knows, maybe given the chance he will step up and take control?

The red side is not as willing to give yet another chance to Sabrina. None of the ladies can understand why she is still there. They bring up that they want her gone because she can’t cook, not because they all dislike her. The only reason I can see her still being there is ratings. I just look at the girl and my blood pressure goes up. I guess to some that makes good television.

The next day the chefs come down to the dining room and are told that tomorrow night they will be hosting Prom from Beverly Hills High school. Chef Ramsay arranges a video chat with the prom committee for menu ideas. They are doing an “old Hollywood” theme. Boris asks them what their favorite type of cuisine is. This should be right up his alley since he is a caterer. Today’s challenge is to create a tasting menu of one appetizer and two entrees. They are given 30 minutes.

One of the prom committee says she personally likes fusion food. She describes that as different cultural foods mixed together. All the kids bring up seafood; clams, mussels & seared tuna. Wow, high school sure has changed since I went, although I didn’t attend in the 90210 zip code. My class would have been happy with Boro Pizza. Sabrina asks if they would like pasta, and that falls like lead bricks. Light and filling is what this prom committee wants.

Boris is trying to lead, but no one is listening; so much for that. The ladies are all listening to each other and moving forward. The teams line up when Chef Ramsay calls time, and he asks if everyone is happy with their dishes. Boris says nothing when called upon by Chef Ramsay, he says that he supports his team 100%. Chef Ramsay points out that the question was if he was happy with his dishes, not if he supports his team. Boris says there is no signature from him on any of the dishes; he just helped make them. Russell calls him a worm for “squirting out”; I don’t understand what he means by that but the blue team is having the types of issue normally seen on red.

The prom committee comes in to Hell’s Kitchen to judge the menus head-to-head. The appetizer dishes are presented first. Sabrina presents the red team’s dish, Dungeness Crab Cake and Shrimp. Vinny thinks the dish looks terrible; the committee however loves the flavors. Chef Ramsay thinks the presentation is exquisite. Vinny serves them Sesame Encrusted Tuna with a Lemon Crème Fresh. His dish is ripped apart by two high school students, with words like no flavor and burnt. One girl thinks it is amazing. The ladies win a point.

Nona presents the first entree to the prom panel. They have made a Pan Seared Rib Eye with a Tuna Ceviche on top with Broccoli. Chef Ramsay must find the tuna odd, because he sits up and takes notice of the dish. Two out of the three students find it odd also, mixing raw fish with well-done steak. Yuck. Rob presents Pan Seared Halibut with a Light Seafood Broth; Chef Ramsay likes the look of the dish. All three high school students think it is dry and rough. One says that it is so dry she can’t tell she is eating fish, but she likes the flavors of the broth. The ladies get the second point and win the challenge before the second entree is even viewed.

Chef Ramsay has the prom committee taste the second entree anyway to see if it should be on the menu. Trev prepares Pan Seared Rib eye with Roasted Potatoes, which they like. Emily presents Potstickers. This dish wins them over hands down and they all find it amazing. It is the first time in Hell’s Kitchen history that there has been a complete shutout of another team. The blue team is completely disgusted with those “damn kids”.

The ladies are rewarded with a day at Knots Berry Farms Amusement Park. Then men are punished by having to set up Hell’s Kitchen for a prom. Punishment starts with putting away tables and linens. After all of that is put away, the three kids come back in and the guys will have to take direction from them. Not only are they having issue with following direction from the committee, Russell starts cursing at them. The fact that he is allowed to curse and get aggressive with these kids is an outrage. I just do not enjoy watching the type of television this show has become. Every mom fiber in my body is standing on edge wanting him to be kicked off the show for this bad behavior.