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Amazing Race 17 – Episode 2 Commentary – I Just Kissed an Englishman In A Tractor

DETOUR – Tune In or Check Out – Either install a TV antennae for a local house or lug a novelty coffin across town. I think the coffin was the easier, if sweaty and somewhat creepy, task to pick. That could be related to my lack of installation skills. Gryffindor is the only one to fail and flip tasks, with Connor cutely apologizing to the family for their failure, and also getting denied a high five from the kid of the family now deprived of “Good Morning, Accra.” Actually, the coffins are cool – they are carved and painted to reflect the loves and hobbies of the deceased. Most are animals, but one is made to ressemble a piano.
Route Markers
• The Amazing Race is one of the few shows where I will sit and listen to the theme. The Office, 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory are a few others. Love the “we built the pyramids.”
• Am I wrong or did Kat describe herself as a dingy?
• That Tattoo Two actually arrives someplace in first place!
• Vicki may not be a member of Mensa, but she’s got some pretty awesome hair.
• Claire to the kid making gruel – “That smells good, I’m hungry.” You sure are if you think that paste smelled good.
• I loved Jill’s incredulous look when Jenna sold two pairs of sunglasses.
• Jill didn’t want to sell defective sunglasses, and Thomas wants to know why she cares about feelings of others. Can they both be right and wrong at the same time? It think they can.
• Kat – “I’m not going to quit my day job to become a Ghanian Professional Sunglassses Editor.”
• Rachel actually stopped traffic – literally this time rather than figuratively, for once in her life, I would imagine.
• KNat would up wandering to Kofi Annan International Airport. Isn’t it weird to see places named after world leaders from your lifetime? I know I will be officially old once I have to go to the Bill Clinton building in DC. The fact that on my trip to Texas I flew from George H.W. Bush Airport in Houston to Reagan National Airport in DC area.
• Jonathan is turning into the second coming of AR2’s Gary with his lame and sometimes obvious jokes (please step up the material, dude!) – the latest, a Godfather sleeping with the fishes joke about the fish-shaped coffin. Luka Brasi would not be pleased. It was made acceptable when he later crashed the fish into a car – and other sentences not regularly uttered in the English language.
• Did Mallory’s dad say more than “bad day, Phil” in this episode?
• Mallory at the Mat – “I’m gonna have a heart attack and die on this mat. That ever happen before?” Um, no. Although that one might be an Emmy submission if it ever happens.

Roadblock Sell sunglasses – Nick, Brooke, Jill, Chad, Rachel, Michael, Kat, Connor, Jenna, Mallory.

Detour TV installation: QVC, Chad/Steph, Team YouTube, Gryffindor (flip to the other challenge), Tattoo Two, Gary/Mallory; Coffin Luggin: Volleyballers, Jill/Thomas, KNat, Andie/Jenna and later Team Gryffindor.

Order of Finish – QVC, Volleyball, YouTube, Chad/Steph, Jill/Thomas, Gryffindor, KNat, Tattoo Two, Gary/Mallory (Garlory?), and Andie/Jenna eliminated.

Next week – Nick loses his cool, and Michael is in trouble with heat exhaustion. Boy, let’s hope Mallory wasn’t doing foreshadowing.

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