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The Amazing Race 17, Oct. 3 – Sunglasses, TV Antennas, and Coffins?

Team Glee is working on their antenna, but struggle to find the right reception. They can't get it and decide to switch tasks. Jonathan feels bad for not getting it installed for the family living there, and stops to high five a child on the way out.

Michael and Kevin arrive on Phil's mat to be named team number three. Jill and Thomas are carrying their coffin up the stairs, complete the task, and take off for the pit stop. Chad an Stephanie beat them there and are named team number four. Nat is asking their driver if he really knows where he's going. Gary and Mallory are doubting their driver as well. Andie and Jenna's driver also appears lost. One driver asks for directions and everyone turns around, following him. Andie and Jenna's driver says he knows where he is going.

Team Glee grab a fish coffin and don't understand how you fit a human in there. Gary and Mallory arrive at Peace finally and decide to do Tune In. Nat and Kat arrive and decide to do the coffins. Nick and Vicki are installing their TV antenna and finish, heading to the pit stop. Jill and Thomas arrive on Phil's mat and are team number five.

Nat and Kat choose a crayfish looking coffin, and Team Glee runs their fish coffin into a car. They're stopping traffic with that thing in the streets. Andie and Jenna finally arrive at Peace. Team Glee delivers their coffin and head to the pit stop. Kat takes a header while they're running through the streets with the coffin. Gary and Mallory get their antenna installed and head the pit stop. Nat and Katy finish their delivery and head to the pit stop as well., as do Andie and Jenna.

Nick and Vicki are caught in a traffic jam, as are Team Glee who ask their driver if he can just pass the others. The other teams all wind up in the traffic jam. Nat and Kat's driver puts the burners on, and they're appreciative. They wave at Team Glee as they go by. Jonathan thinks they can beat the doctors in a footrace, but also note the drivers are nuts. They nearly have an accident in front of them, and Connor says he wants his mom, and is proud he hasn't soiled himself. Jonathan thinks he might have.

Team Glee arrives at the market, as do Nat and Kat. Team Glee are the first on the mat and are named team number six. The doctors are team number seven. Nick and Vicki arrive to be team number eight. Mom/daughter and father/daughter are the last two teams racing. Jenna says if they are eliminated after putting it all on the mat, they're dong good.

Gary and Mallory arrive on Phil's mat and he says he's had a bad day so wants good news. Mallory just wants any news before she dies on the mat from a heart attack, asking if it ever happened before. Phil doesn't answer, but does name them team number nine. They are ecstatic and relieved for sure.

Andie and Jenna arrive on the mat and are Philiminated. Jenna says she always wondered who her birth mother was and finds it a treasure for it to end up being Andie. Andie is at peace after twenty-one years and just knowing she brought this beautiful person into the world. They cry later as Andie says her gift to Jenna was the adoptive family she gave her.

Andie and Jenna were doomed from the start. You can't go on this Race with someone you don't know well. They weren't at a point of being comfortable with each other to be able tell each other what they really felt and be able to get mad at the other. It sounds crazy, but you have to be able to do that here. Even more so, they didn't know each other's strengths or weaknesses and were just realizing they both had frizzy hair? It was doomed. Yet, it probably gave them some great bonding to start their new relationship with.

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