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The Amazing Race 17, Oct. 3 – Sunglasses, TV Antennas, and Coffins?

Brook is cleaning up. She finishes and she and Claire get the next clue, to travel to the June 4th area and search for Peace Motor Spare Parts. Brook knows they just need to stay in the lead and stay focused.

Jill asks Chad if he's selling and is dismayed he only needs to make one more sale. Connor is begging for buyers and tells a guy if he gives him $12, he can leave and gets $10. He then sells two more for a total of $16. Michael is the next to finish, and Kevin admits to being caught by surprise. Connor finishes next while Chad finally gets that last Cedi he was begging for. He recounts his money to be sure he has his $15 and does. Katie an Rachel finish as well

Brook and Claire arrive at Peace and find a Detour – Tune In or Check Out. In Tune In, teams will make their way to an electrical supply store to pick up a TV antenna system. They will need to find a marked house and install the antenna to the house owner's specifications. When the owner can tune in the TV, they give the teams their next clue. In Check Out, teams will head to a woodworking shop where coffins are created to represent the lifestyle of their eventual occupants. They need to choose a coffin and transport it through the backstreets of town to a showroom for their next clue.

Brook and Claire decide to do Tune In. They work on installing the antenna on the roof. While Brook is hammering, Claire is admiring a young woman's porridge she's stirring, saying she looks hungry. Michael and Kevin find Peace, but miss the cluebox. Team Glee asks for directions. Chad and Stephanie arrive ahead of father and son and decide to do Tune In and tell them Michael and Kevin where to find the cluebox.

Katie and Rachel arrive at the Detour and decide to do the coffins, then call the piano and animal coffins strange. They choose one, tie it up, and start pulling it through the streets. Michael and Kevin find the cluebox and decide on Tune In because it's closer. Chad and Stephanie work on installing the antenna, as do father and son.

Nick is still selling, as is Jenna, Jill, Mallory, and Kat. Jenna gets her sales and they take off for Peace. Mallory begs people to buy some sunglasses, and one guy offers to buy them all. After she counts them, and says there are 200 pairs, he then just buys one. She makes her sales. Kat is working on it still and Nat is trying to support her, yet also give her a reality check. Jill helps a guy find a pair without a scratch on them, but Thomas doesn't understand why she's worried about that. She makes her money.

Nick has a woman to try them on, but she just wants to do a booty shake in them, then tries to take off without paying. He realizes he got jacked for some sunglasses. She finally comes back and pays for them. A woman is only offering $1 to Kat and she keeps saying she wants $4. Kat finally makes her sale and realizes she shouldn't quit hr day job.

Brooke and Claire get the TV antenna installed, but it's not working right yet. Katie and Rachel rush through the streets with their coffin, as Brook finally hits on the right place for the antenna. She and Claire get a clue to head to the next pit stop Kaneshie Market. They need to navigate through the people and vendors to find Phil and his mat.

Katie and Rachel have to carry their coffin up the stairs, and finish the Detour, getting their clue to the pit stop. Team Glee arrives and decide to install the antenna. Chad and Stephanie have theirs installed, but you can't see anything on the TV. Kevin is starting to value his dad as an "equal team member" because of his help. They complete the task and head to the pit stop. Chad ad Stephanie are the next team to finish.

Andie and Jenna are realizing new things about themselves. They both are double jointed and both have frizzy hair, which is appropro of nothing. Mallory is freaking out hoping they're right to trust their cab driver. Jill and Thomas do Check Out and struggle to get the coffin up and down a ramp. Nick and Vicki arrive and decide on Tune In.

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