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The Amazing Race 17, Oct. 3 – Sunglasses, TV Antennas, and Coffins?

Last week was a really great start to The Amazing Race, season 17. It seemed like Nick and Vicki got very lucky to stay in the Race, being saved only be Ron and Tony’s poor navigational skills. They just seemed to make mistake after mistake after mistake and didn’t seem that knowledgeable about some basic things, such as what Stonehenge was. We’ll see if they improve on that tonight.

Jill and Thomas are the first team to leave London at 11:55 AM. They receive a clue telling them to fly to Accra, Ghana where they will head to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, a monument built as a tribute to the founder of Ghanian independence. They talk about how happy they are to have won the new coveted Express Pass. He was in charge on the last leg, but she thinks she can pull her own weight. Knowing Accra is in Africa, he’s happy to be headed there.

The next team to leave are Nat and Kat, leaving at noon. Kat talks about them both being anesthesiologists, but notes their differences. While Nat is more spontaneous, Kat is the one that’s calm and collected. Their comparison is Kat being the oceanliner and Nat being the dinghy on the side. Connor and Jonathan, aka Team Glee, leave next at 12:20 and wait for Brook and Claire and pool resources. The HSN hosts leave one minute later, and Brook thinks if there is no watermelons in this leg, they’ve got it.

Katie and Rachel leave at 12:22 and catch up with the previous two teams. Brooke stops and gets directions from “Tractor Guy,” literally a guy on a tractor. She tells him she’ll give him a big sloppy kiss afterwards, asking if he’s been kissed by an American before. She claims her tactic is a kiss saves the day. Like she’s the first to ever flirt their way through the Race.

Gary and Mallory leave at 12:40 PM, and she’s hoping to see some African babies. Michael and Kevin leave one minutes later, and Son tells Dad to ignore his leg that hurts. Kevin doesn’t feel confident about his dad as a teammate, and Michael is hoping he’s not too much of a drag for his son. He tells him he’s doing his best.

Chad and Stephanie leave at 12:50 PM, and Andie and Jenna at 1:35. They discuss the adoption again, as Andie says she was hoping all these years she did the right thing putting Jenna up for adoption. Jenna always knew she was adopted and every single day thought about her birth mom in the back of her head. Andie wants to go the whole Race, as it’s the only time they’ll have like this. They think they’re princesses for sleeping in a castle. Nick and Vicki leave at 1:45 PM.

At Heathrow Airport, the teams find there is only one flight to Ghana, ticking off Jill and Thomas, as they lose the lead they had. In Ghana, the teams take off to a running start, with Kevin telling his dad to keep up. Brooke and Claire are amazed at the locals carrying things on their heads. Chad and Stephanie are amazed at the trash. Nat and Kat’s cab driver barely avoids a major accident. Team Glee get accosted by a local wanting money, and get spit on, then start singing to the driver to go faster. Andie gives money to the beggars instead of ignoring them, and her daughter thinks it’s because she’s such a sure spirit. They’re hoping for good karma. Nick and Vicki are amazingly in first so far.

The first team, though, to the clue box are Brook and Claire. Their clue tells them to head to Makola Market to get their next clue. The other teams arriving in order are Nick/vicki, Chad/Stephanie, Katie/Rachel, Michael/Kevin, and Jill/Thomas. Nat and Kat’s driver passed by it, but arrive in seventh place, followed by Team Glee, Gary/Mallory, and Andie/Jenna.

The teams drive around looking for the entrance to the market and call it crazy, a joke, etc., because of how big it is with so many people. Kevin says he’s not a stranger to this type of market, having experienced them as a kid in Taiwan. Nick and Vicki surprisingly get to the cluebox first and find a Roadblock. One person from each team must sell as many sunglasses as they can to amount up to $15 Cedi, while not selling any for less then $3 Cedi.

Brook and Claire arrive next, and should do well here, followed by Jill/Thomas, Chad/Stephanie, Katie/Rachel, and Michael/Kevin. Son is worried if Dad will be able to do this, but lets him nonetheless. Nick struggles to sell anything, saying it’s harder than he thought it would be. Chad is doing this task, as wells as Brooke, with full support from Claire. She sells a pair, telling the guy he looks good, like a rapper. She gets $3 Cedi. Chad sells a pair to a woman, thinking he can flirt with these women easily. Jill isn’t having an easy time of it, calling it impossible. Michael does well, and so does whichever teammate it is out of Katie/Rachel. It’s still hard to tell them apart. Team Glee argue, but Connor agrees to do it.

Gary and Mallory are stuck in traffic with a car not working, as Andie and Jenna arrive, with daughter being told she’s more of a social butterfly, so she should do the Roadblock. Gary and Mallory jump cars. Nick doesn’t think there is a technique; you’re either buying or not. Brook is telling guy he looks like a supermodel and agreeing to kiss them on the cheek. Naturally, a blonde does well here. Kat is selling for her team. A young girl tires to cheat out Chad and he practically begs her to buy a pair. He keeps her money, hoping to get the last Cedi.


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