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Project Runway, Sept. 30 – Blast From the Past

Christopher tells Tim that there was water everywhere in his hometown, so he made an aqua print. Tim advises him to watch his fit. Gretchen likes Christopher, but not his work, which she rates as a C+. Andy is still distracted and hasn’t decided what to do yet. He would rather be with his family, but this is an opportunity he can’t give up.

Gretchen’s print was inspired by her southwestern home. Tim doesn’t like the back flap on her pants, but she doesn’t want to get rid of it. Tim tells Valerie her design looks like an 80’s ice skating costume and warns her not to use a “pupu platter” of construction methods. Tim tells Mondo that his print is beautiful, and that he came out of a big moment, so he needs to keep it big.

Tim sends in the models for their fitting. Andy thinks his pants look frumpy, so he decides to convert them into shorts. Christopher’s pants fit his model very well, but he worries that they make her look old. By the night’s end, Andy still doesn’t love his design. He just hopes that he will be safe.

The next morning, the designers get back to work. Andy thinks his look is okay – but that’s no longer good enough for this competition. Valerie would like to win just once, but will settle for being safe.

Tim comes in and sends in the models. He also gives his usual spiel about styling and “using the accessory wall thoughtfully.” Michael, who has finished his look, sings a country song. Then he settles down and helps Mondo with his outfit.

Then it’s off to the runway. This week’s guest judge is the fashion designer, Rachel Roy.

April is up first. She made a white textile decorated with a large tree, which she uses as the single sleeve on her black minidress. Andy’s textile is grey and has a bubble pattern on it. He used it to make a sleeveless tunic. He also made black shorts.

Mondo’s textile consists of black plus signs outlined in gold on a purple background. He made some high-waisted pants out of it. He then added a black and white checked print top and a black jacket lined with the same print as the top.

Valerie made the horrible mistake of using black fabric, which obscured the blueprint design she’d crafted. She used the textile to make a skirt, and added a sleeveless black shirt and, weirdly, some kind of blue undergarment peeking out from the bottom of the skirt. Gretchen ‘s textile consists of green and white print. She used this to make a halter top that she then paired with black pants.

Michael’s “evil eye” also doesn’t show up very well against the black background of his fabric. He made a bodice out of it and trimmed it with yellow piping. Unfortunately, some of the piping makes it look as if the model is wearing a men’s tie. Michael then added a black knee-high skirt. Christopher made an aqua and white print, which he used to make an off-the-shoulder shirt. He added dark blue pants to the look.

Heidi tells everybody the judges had conflicting opinions, so nobody is safe. The judges want to talk to everybody. They start with Gretchen, who talks about growing up in the southwest and her mother’s sunbonnet. Heidi likes the print, while Michael likes the pants, even though they are “more Grease than Gretchen.” He calls her look “disco earthy,” and adds that the print placement is a bit off. He thinks it could have used different sizes. Nina is disappointed, as she wanted more than just a fine print. Rachel thinks it was “almost” there, but she does like the earthiness.

Michael C. explains his “evil eye,” and that the darkness of the fabric represents his family. Michael Kors comments that the print wasn’t a wow, so Michael C. was smart to cut it the way he did. Still, it looks as if the model is wearing a men’s tie. Heidi likes the open shirt with tie concept, but thinks it could have used more punch. Neither Michael Kors nor Heidi like the styling: wrong shoes, wrong hair style, and wrong make-up. Nina agrees, adding that with better styling the look would have worked.