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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Episode 3 Commentary – Top Chef, Top Chef, We Are Here On Top Chef.

The judges are Gail, Elvis, Dann and Edna. The Pep Squad Team is:
Erika – Chunky Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie – It was her family recipe. Elvis thought it was chewy and crispy on the edge. In a good way.

Eric – Peanut Butter Krispy Bar – Peanut Butter and Nutella, atop Rice Krispies and chocolate glaze Gail liked the texture and the lightness of this dish.

Morgan – Vanilla Bean and Milk Chocolate Cupcake – He saved his final two for the judges – so he was quite popular with the kids, but less so with the judges.

Malika – Toffee Fudge Brownies – Dann says you need a brownie at a bake sale, and Elvis liked the texture.

Heather H – Butter Cookie with Chocolate and Dulce De Leche Cream

Glee Club Team
Zac – Strawberry Shortcake with Rainbow Sugar – Elvis cuts into it and it explodes.

Heather C – Peanut Butter Cookie – Dann thinks it is good, but way too simple.

Yigit – Chocolate Caramel Pudding with Ginger, Hazelnut Crumble and Marshmallows Dann comments, “Holy cow, that’s super gingery.” And, who makes a bake sale item that requires a cup? You giving away cups too? Or are you washing them on site?

Danielle – Coconut Cupcake with Salted Caramel Buttercream – Edna likes the cake, but Elvis found it dry.

Seth – Mocha Financier with Orange Creamcicle Sauce Dann says it is not a bake sale item, and Edna agrees it is too sophisticated.
Pep earns ten dollars more for the win, and the show agrees to give each well over $2000 so they can go on their trips. They even throw another five grand to the school. The principal even gets to get some Gail love, that’s always good.

Winners – Elvis loved Eric’s mature way using salt and layers. Edna loved his glaze, Dann felt he took average item and elevated it – rich and indulgent. Malika added a twist to Eric’s recipe with the toffee, which was unique and distinct. I think she lost points the minute it was revealed it was Eric’s recipe. Gail thinks Erika could have gone wrong with a chocolate chip cookie, but hers was the ultimate one. Edna wants the recipe. Eric gets the win and the other seen genuinely happy for him.

Losers – After the bus throwing, Dann reminds them that they haven’t even given any critique yet. Elvis tells Seth to get out of his mind that he is here to educate people about food, he is here to make delicious desserts and make people happy. Amen. However, the financier was perfect, if inappropriate. Edna found Heather’s cookie good, but lacking any dimensions that a housewife couldn’t do, and Dann found it overbaked. Elvis calls out Danielle on her dry cupcake. Zac says that to eat this, the parent would get “to go” containers to eat in the car. Gail says that no way is a kid eating that in her car. Elvis was disappointed that the biscuit dough, which should be fork tender, was not. Yigit’s was too gingery and the least sold item. Yigit is shocked. I am not.

As far as whom to eliminate – Yigit decided to be the one-man education crew for all things ginger. Zac’s biscuit was a joke. Dann rightfully says that you can ‘taste the resentment” in Heather’s cookie. Seth just won’t do the friggin challenges, and Danielle needs to redo her cupcake formula. For making a boring cookie, Heather is sent home.

Quickfire Hits –
• You see Yigit’s tattoo? I may start calling him the Man with the Dragon Tattoo.
• Danielle mocking Seth – “I’ve never worked with cupcakes, chocolate. What has he worked with?”
• Edna – It is not death, only a cake. HA! Cake or death. (NSFW)
• Eric says that losing the cake challenge was the most embarrassing moment of life. Must be a good life.
• Heather H said she went to band camp. Band camp. How can you not think of this? (It’s “American Pie”, do you think it is SFW?)
• Zac tried to describe the personalities on his team. What he actually did was describe the characters in The Breakfast Club.
• The great peanut butter controversy – Stupid. I am staying out of it.
• Gotta love the kid with the face full of icing.
• Seth hates the Stew Room. Not as much as Danielle hates him.

Next – Someone has an ambulance come for them.

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