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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Episode 3 Commentary – Top Chef, Top Chef, We Are Here On Top Chef.

QUICKFIRE Make a wedding cake for Edna Mode. Actually, this is Sylvia Weinstock who is the Vera Wang of wedding cakes, as my wife describes. The challenge is 90 minutes long to make a wedding cake, it is about using unique fillings, decorations and making it delicious, and creativity. They are provided the sheet cake, so it is really just about construction and icing. Wedding cakes all seem to use buttercream and/or fondant. Buttercream is sweet and delicious, fondant is not, but helps give the cake its structure and form.
Zac wonders who is snorting buttercream because of the 90 minutes. Heather C reflects on her engagement, Heather H reveals she cooked her own wedding cake. Erika has made cakes since she was 12 and is keeping it safe and delicious. She also seems to love her mixer quite a bit. Zac is feeding the army, someone has a dish about to splatter and Malika wants to be called Malika.

Heather C – White Cake with Vanilla Simple Syrup and Nutella Buttercream Edna tells HC to get her nails done instead of make her own wedding cake. Good advice.

Eric – Pistachio Buttercream and Apricot Brandy Filling – All he gets is a Gail “hmm”

Zac – Toasted Meringue, Fruit of the Forest Jam with Dark Chocolate Ganache – Zac says he went “out there” with this one, and Edna says that is the way to experiment and grow.

Erika – Mocha Explosion with Kahlua Buttercream – Edna says it is not too sweet.

Danielle – Cream Cheese Lemon Filling with Strawberries and Pistachios It’s TOO GREEN! Her favorite color, but who wants to eat a green cake.

Seth – Engagement Cake: Caramel Chocolate Mousse with Marsala Apricot Jam and Absinthe Honey – His calls it his favorite dish made this competition and failed to make the cake because he knew he was in the Bottom Three, so just have fun. Edna is not amused.

Yigit – Passion Fruit, Vanilla and Lime Soaked Cake with Vanilla Orange Diplomat Cream It is nice and light.

Heather H – Lemon and Orange Zest Buttercream – This one is summery.

Morgan – Italian Cream Cake with Coconut Rum Syrup, Cream Cheese Icing and Toasted Pecans – Edna asks him about his favorite cakes. He smartly kisses up, “I absolutely adore yours.”

Malika – Coconut Custard fused with Cardamom and Vanilla, with Raspberry Jam– The best part is after Edna tries to make her stop crying, Malika reaches over to touch her arm and Edna recoils a bit. No touching!!

Seth – Even a flop would be an effort, embrace challenges, don’t back off.
Malika – Delicious, but well, a disaster.
Eric – Didn’t like icing, and it needed even layers and filings when sliced.

Top Three –
Erika – Nice detail work, and flavors.
Morgan – Lovely, clean, fresh and tasty
Heather H – Delicate, pink dogwood flowers. Elegant and lovely.
Erika wins again, even though I, along with Heather, thought Heather was going to win.

ELIMINATION – It’s a bake sale. The chefs are divided into two teams and the room then fills with singers and cheerleaders. The St. Monica High School glee club, the Rainbow Riders, comes in singing “Top Chef, Top Chef, we are here on Top Chef. Red velvet cupcakes. Give me some apple pie and ice cream. Chocolate soufflé” But musically. They are followed by the Mariner Pep Squad from the same school. The best part is the Glee team is Seth and everyone who hates him. Instantly we all know who is winning this challenge.
The bake sale is to send the squads on field trips, or something. Whoever raises the most money wins, and also gets five grand of their own. Zac foreshadows that it should be approachable for kids, but elegant for the judges. His Glee team shifts way too far to the second part. Malika says her Pep team was aiming at going the opposite way, which turns out to be the correct plan. A key part is where Zac tells Heather C after she gives up her Whoopie Pie dreams to make a peanut butter cookie that she should do something with it like dip it in chocolate. She will not.