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Amazing Race 17 Premiere Commentary – Face. Watermelon. Classic.

Route Markers
• Judging by the amount of sweat dripping off the Racers (especially Tony and Thomas), I would imagine this filmed during the crazy heat wave on the East Coast this summer.
• Brook managed to utter the following – They will not be following the Gryffindors, she is going to puke in a trash can,
• One of the funniest moments – The Volleyballers are stuck; one gets out and pushes the car, which takes off, leaving the other to chase after it. HA!
• Shame about Ron/Tony – they seemed normal. Ron on interteam squabbles – “Realize when to back off, you never want it to get personal.” Ah, he never met Colin, or Crazy Jonathan. They complained about things not being well marked – however, these other brain surgeon teams (well, one is actually a team of surgeons, oh well) found it easy enough.
• Did Mallory shout “come on Princeton” to the Gryffindors? Or was she shouting to a local, “come on Winston”? I am hoping for the second one because it is much, much funnier.
• Love the extreme close-up of bad British teeth during the Storm the Castle.
• How about the Transition Ducks – the two ducks quacking as we move from castle to moat. Love those editors.
• Not sure if Kat should use “Natty” as a nickname of Nat. I think I am going to call this team KNat.
• Was going to a salon a good move for directions to a castle? Or perhaps finding a place not trying to do business – most salons usually have quite a bit of activity – a better choice?
• I LOVED how the clue-giving Court Jester broke character for a moment and came over to check on Claire. How amazing would it be if he was a doctor in real life? Claire’s best line – “I made it my bitch,” as she completed the task two shots after the whacking.
• Gary – “They looked like a couple of carnies in a dunking booth.” HA!
• Speaking of the jester – Mallory approaches him and longs to learn to juggle. HA!
• Phil to Vicky – “What’s the name of the country?” Vicky – “London.” Phil – “That’s right, we’re in London.” HA! I missed you, Phil!

Roadblock – Thomas, Claire, Nat, Rachel, Connor, Chad, Gary, Kevin, Jenna, Nick, and who knows, Ron or Tony, we never see it.
Order of Finish
1 – Jill/Thomas – win the Express Pass
2 – KNat
3 – Team Gryffindor
4 – QVC
5 – Volleyballers
6 – Gary/Mallory
7 – Team YouTube
8 – Chad/Steph – they are unable to find the Mat, or else they would have finished sixth. I was really hoping they would wander until Ron and Tony showed up.
9 – Team Biology
10 – Nevada Ink
11 – Ron/Tony – ELIMINATED
NEXT – Ghana. Africa in Episode 2 – should be interesting.
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