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Project Runway, Sept. 23 – The Eyes Have It

Last week on Project Runway, the designers had to make sportswear inspired by Jackie Kennedy. Mondo won, and Michael D. was sent home – thus freeing recappers all over the world from the obligation of calling Michael Costello “Michael C.”

The next morning, the designers wake up. Gretchen shocks viewers by telling us that she’d liked Michael D. Over in the guys’ area, Christopher and Mondo move in with Michael and Andy. Everybody heads off to the runway, where Heidi tells them the winner “will take home a big chunk of change.”

In the workroom, Tim introduces the contestants to Collier Strong, a makeup consultant from L’Oreal. He tells everybody the details of this week’s challenge: they have to create a high-fashion look for L’Oreal Paris. The winner will not only have their designs used in an “advertorial” in Marie Claire, they will also win $20,000. (An advertorial is an advertisement that’s pretending to be an article. Advertorials are often several pages long and contain detailed descriptions of their subject.)

Collier Strong offers his services as a makeup consultant. He also plugs his product by telling everybody they have to incorporate L’Oreal’s latest eye shadow in their looks. The eye shadows are called things like “Crystal” and “Velvet.” Tim warns everybody that velvet is a very difficult material to work with.

Mondo, as least week’s winner, gets first pick of the eyes shadows. Not surprisingly, he picks one called “Bright,” thinking it will let him use a lot of colors. Michael and Andy choose “Metallic”; April goes with “Matte”; Ivy also decides to work with “Bright,” and Christopher and Valerie choose “Crystal.” Gretchen decides to be daring and work with … “Velvet.” Michael snarks that velvet is boring, so it makes sense that Gretchen would choose it, as she’s also boring.

The designers will have a half hour to sketch, plus a half hour and $300 to spend at Mood. This will also be the first two-day challenge of the season.

The designers begin sketching. Mondo decides to base his design on a kaleidoscope, which tells me he will be using lots of patterns. Ivy decides to make something inspired by the Hawaiian ocean.

At Mood, Mondo grabs a bunch of colored fabrics. Andy tells us that he wants to make something futuristic. Valerie decides to use silk.

Back at the workroom, Gretchen notices that Michael is using colors similar to the one’s she’s using. She snipes that she doesn’t think he has a point of view of his own. Oh, give it a rest, woman! Just because you both like the same color scheme doesn’t mean that he’s copying you or that your designs will look anything alike. Odds are, they won’t.

The designers then have a consultation with Collier Strong about the kind of makeup they want for their models. Andy wants something fit for a “futuristic warrior woman,” and Collier obliges him with a dramatic look. Mondo, of course, wants bright colors. Gretchen wants something “over the top.”

After that, Tim makes his rounds. He starts with Valerie and tells her that her plan is “ambitious.” That’s usually Tim-speak for “Do you really have time to do all of this?” Mondo tells him about his kaleidoscope idea. Tim urges him to go big and “be you.” Andy tells us that he sees Gretchen and Mondo as his main competition.

Gretchen is doing a kimono, and Tim thinks it looks like a robe. He also thinks Ivy’s ocean-inspired gown is too literal and adds it looks like something for a pageant. Gretchen thinks she and Mondo are supposed to go to Fashion week.