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The Amazing Race 17, Sept. 26 – Those are Big Frickin' Rocks!

Andie and Jenna arrive at the castle, as Nick and Vicki are looking for directions. Ron and Tony realize they haven’t seen any teams so far today, and are trying to stay the course and keep focused. They stop at a gas station and are told they’re going in the wrong direction. They’re just trying to finish and not be last.

Andie and Jenna are climbing the ladder at the wall, thinking it’s easy, then get pelted with the muddy water. Kevin and Michael are figuring this out, while Chad and Stephanie are going inside the castle to look for the pit stop. Gary and Mallory get this thing figured out on the boats without getting wet at all. Michael and Kevin finally get across as well.

Nick and Vicki finally get to the castle, as Andie and Jenna realize the boat thing is going to be tricky. Nick and Vicki are at the top of the wall, but can’t figure out what a battlement is to locate their flag. The flags are right there. Grab one. Gary and Mallory get to the knights as Gary decides he’ll do the challenge. Mallory just wants to try juggling.

Nick and Vicki still think the people are batltements, then figure out they just need to grab a flag and go. She promises them she’s not that dumb. Kevin is the one doing the watermelon firing as they arrive at the challenge. Chad and Stephanie are still searching for the pit stop. They go around the whole perimeter of the castle.

Nick and Vicki now can’t find the boats, not realizing that’s what the tortoise shell things are. He finally picks up a tortoise shell, and they realize that’s what it is, calling themselves morons. If the tortoise shell boat fits …

Jenna decides she’ll do the watermelon challenge as Ron and Tony have FINALLY made it to he castle and up the wall. Once they see the other teams, they’ll be happy just to see them, except as a bigger guy, the boasts are going to be tough for Tony. Chad and Stephanie are still searching. Gary gets his knight down, as does Kevin, and the teams take off for the pit stop. Chad and Stephanie are just figuring this thing out.

It’s Gary and Mallory who arrive next on the mat, followed by Kevin and Michael to be named teams six and seven. Mallory thinks it’s neat that they’re fahter/son and father/daughter. Chad and Stephanie arrive to be team number eight, and Chad admits he’s humbled, but i don’t thinks it’s possible for him.

Jenna is having a hard time with the watermelons, as Nick and Vickie make it across the in the boats, and Tony can’t even put a foot in the boat without flaling over. Jenna gets her melon, and Ron and Tony are working on the boat still. Andie and Jenna are on Phil’s mat to be named team number nine, and Nick can’t hit the knights with the watermelons. He gets it, as Ron and Tony’s last hope arrives on the mat as team number ten. Phil decies to have a little fun with Vicki, asking her for the name of the country they’re in. She says they’re in London, and he says that’s right, the country of London.

Ron and Tony are still fighting their way across the water, struggling. They eventually make it to Phil’s mat, but it doesn’t seem they made it the traditional way. They are the first this Race to be Philiminated. Ron says even though it was a short-lived moment to help his best friend live his dream, life is good. He’s the type of person he can always call when things are tough, and he knows he’s blessed to have him. He’s a gift from God, and he’s appreciative.

Gift or God or not, Tony did not have the git of navigation. The most important job isn’t the one behind the wheel, but the other one doing the navigating. It’s taken plenty of teams out before, but what’s unclear here is why he was the one navigating. It’s not that he was wrong once or even twice. He had no idea how to navigate a map. None. They were going in the wrong direction three times. And at the beginning of the Race, they thought this was going to be their strong suit. Nick and Vicki should feel very, very lucky that their numerous mistakes were only trumped by Tony’s poor navigation.

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