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The Amazing Race 17, Sept. 26 – Those are Big Frickin' Rocks!

Oops, Stephanie and Chad are sinking again. Katie and Rachel sing, “we just passed Tinkerbell and Pan.” Team Glee arrives, with Katie and RAchel referring to them as the nerds, singing about the nerds arriving. Shouldn’t it be them singing that they’re arriving?

It’s back to pelting melons, as Thomas finally gets his knight knocked down, while the others struggle. Thomas gets the clue from the jester, and finds they have to search the grounds for the pit stop, in a meadow on the grounds of the castle. Jill and Thomas arrive on Phil’s mat and win the coveted Express Pass. They can use it any time up to the end of the eighth leg. Thomas says it’s a great opportunity to keep them going if they make a huge mistake.

Nat gets the knight down, and the Doctors make it to the jester and get the clue. Claire continues to have problems. The Doctors are second on the mat as Phil pronounces them team number two.

We haven’t seen much of Michael and Kevin, but here they are climbing the wall. Claire is stil struggling with the watermelon firing and this could be what allows Ron and Tony to get back in it. One watermelon comes back and hits her square in the face, as she collapses, saying she can’t feel her face. Brook tell sher she has to finish, and Claire tells her she can’t even see straight and is incredulous that Brooke expects her to continue on. Brook explains it IS called The Amazing Race.

Chad watches Team Glee pass them by and says it humbles him, realizing how quckly the game changes and how deceiving Team Glee’s look is. Claire has an ice pack on her fce and doesn’t want the other teams to beat her. Brook can’t blame her, as she got hacked in the face with a watermelon. Katie and Rachel realize how strong Claire is to keep going. Connor is beside them firing melons as well. Amazingly, Claire gets it knocked down. Brooke tells her she has never in her life been more proud of her. Connor is the next to get one down, followed by Katie and Rachel.
Team Glee decides to follow Brook and Claire running, as do Katie and Rachel. Jonathan says he’s not a runner and has never run like that in his life, which is why the first team to make it to Phil’s mat are Team Glee, slipping, followed by Brook and Claire. They can only laugh about the watermelons aftewards, which is a good thing. Katie and Rachel are team number five.

Chad and Stephanie are working on the watermelons, and Michael and Kevin are attempting the tortoise shell boats. Michael tells him they need to work together. Andie and Jenna are buying a map, then realize the castle is on the map. Well, isn’t that why they bought it in the first place? Jenna knows their biggest fear is letting the other down.

Vicki doesn’t want to say they’re in last place, but that’s how she’s feeling. They’ve been driving for hours and still haven’t gotten there. Ron thinks all the roads are looking the same at this point and wonders why this is so hard.

Chad gets his knight knocked down, and they take off with him “guaranteeing” the pit stop is on the others side of the castle. Mallory is screaming while she and Gary climb the wall and laughing hysterically with the dirty water. Michael and Kevin seemed to get the boat figured out, then sink again. Mallory sees that, and is worried. Gary thinks they look like a couple of carnies in a dunking booth. While they struggle, dad and daughter make it through. They figure out what they have to do watchng the other two.

Chad and Stephanie are far away from where they need to be, passing up the teams in the boats. He says it’s the “dumbest freaking crap ever.”


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