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The Amazing Race 17, Sept. 26 – Those are Big Frickin' Rocks!

Jill and Thomas arrive first at Easnor Castle, with Nat and Kat and Brook and Claire right behind them. Claire thinks she might pee her pants, and Brook does not want to be the first girl on the Race to pee her pants. Something tells me at some point in the last sixteen seasons, it was done before. The three teams get the next clue and find they have to climb a wall at a resort castle that’s being guarded by a mob of peasants and retrieve a flag, then use an ancient boat to travel across the moat to a knight in shining Armor to get the next clue.

The teams reach the wall and are having water thrown at them while they climb these huge ladders. It’s nearly as funny as the rolling cheese wheels a few seaosns ago. Thomas is upset that it’s muddy water being thrown on them, not clean water. Brook and Claire are the first to make it up the wall. The doctors think this is great. They get their flasgs and are on the run.

Team Glee is somehow with yet another team having car problems. Gary and Mallory have a flat tire, but Connor and Jonathan eventually decide just to keep driving without them. This isn’t how Mallory pictured her day going. Gary gets the tire switched out to the spare, but knows he can’t drive very fast on the donut tire.
Brooke and Claire run down the hill to the boat, and Brooke is a little annoying, and remembering her job description, that’s what makes me not watch Home Shopping Network. These boats are described as looking like tortoise shells. These first three teams all start to capsize right away, the realize they have to go really slowly and pull themselves along with the ropes.

Chad and Stephanie are the next to arrive at the castle, and take off for the wall, just ahead of Katie and Rachel arriving, who refer to the other team as Tinkerbell and her boyfriend. Tinkerbell and her boyfriend make it up the wall pretty quickly. Ron and Tony are just arriving at Stonehenge, and Ron thinks they are losing their confidence now, but thinks they can get it together and catch up.

The teams on the tortoise shells are working together and realize they need teamwork and to go slow to make it across. Chad and Stephanie are about the join them, as Katie and Rachel make it up the wall and make a run for the boats as well. Chad yells at Stephanie as they try to figure out this boat thing. They keep sinking, as she tells him to chill out, as him freaking out isn’t helping anything.

Andie and Jenna stop for directions to the castle, and the man they ask doesn’t know where it is or where they can find a tourist office to get help. Andie thinks it’s both an advantage and disadvantage to not know each other well, as they don’t know what the other will be good at. Nick and Vicki are asking for directions to the castle, and not getting much help. She admits she needs Kindergarten directions. Ron and Tony are running into truobule again.

Jill and Thomas make it to the knights and get the next clue, a Roadblock – one person from each team will enter a tournament field and use an ancient weapon to fire melons at a knight standing fifty feet away. Once that’s down, they have to find the jester to get the next clue. Thomas is doing this challenge.

Brook is excited for Claire as they arrive at the knights, as she loves horses. Claire is the one doing the task, and as she takes off on the horse with a knight, she jokes it’s her knight in shining armor finally. You’d think TV hosts would be a little better with these one-liners. Nat and Kat arrive as well, with Nat doing the challenge.

Thomas works on taking out the knight with the melons, as Brook notes it’s another side of Claire she’s never seen. Team Glee arrives, looking for the castle, and Chad and Stephanie look to have finally figured out the boat thing. Katie and Rachel get it figured out very quickly. Team Glee climbs the wall, announcing they are missing their graduation to be on the Race, so it’s their last chance to be kids and have fun. Oh, how much they have to learn still.


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