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The Amazing Race 17, Sept. 26 – Those are Big Frickin' Rocks!

Team Glee finally makes it, explaining they have bad navigational skills and were afraid they weren’t going to get out of Boston. Brook and Claire are deciding to not follow them.

Stephanie says they’ll be hauling butt in London as they want to get the Express Pass. The others on the second flight don’t see it as a handicap, as all it takes is someone in the lead to make a mistake, and they’re right back at the front of the pack.
In London, the first flight arrives, and the teams take off to look for their cars. Jill and Thomas are the first ones out, but forget and get in on the wrong side of the car. Ron and Tony are the next ones out, and decide their first order of business is to stop and get a map. Stephanie finds driving left-handed is really weird. She’s getting north and south mixed up, which could be fatal. Thomas says they know they need to bring their A game to get the Express Pass.

Ron and Tony stop for their map and look for Stonehenge. Tony has an undergrad degree from Stanford, and two years ago he earned his MBA from the University of Arizona. Ron notes Tony downplays his education, and they hope that ends up helping them. Stephanie is already getting upset with Chad’s temper, saying he’s too loud, and explains that he was a football player. She tells him she’s not one of his teammates. She’s trying to take it all in where they are, but he tells her he doesn’t care about that. She argues it’s going to make them miserable if he keeps talking to her like that.

The second flight arrives, and these teams are also getting in on the wrong side of the car. Brook does really well with the switch in driving skills. Nat admits she’s in the worst situation for a Type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump, as the schedule is off and they don’t know when they’re going to eat again. She checks her sugar levels while driving, and gives it to Kat to read, who explains they’ve run marathons together before, and that hasn’t slowed Nat down at all. She’s a great example for diabetics.

Nick gets lost, while Michael and Kevin aren’t sure if they’re headed in the right direction. Andie and Jenna have a weird smell coming from their car, and Team Glee smells it was well. Ron and Tony realize they’re going the wrong way, as Chad and Stephanie stop for directions. Andie is afraid she’s breaking the car and thinks it’s because she’s burning the engine out while riding the clutch. Their car stops and won’t work, so Team Glee stops and tries to help, but can’t, so continue on, while Andie and Jenna are stopped in the middle of traffic. She gets the car going again, saying she hadn’t driven a stick shift in a long time and knows she was riding the clutch too much.

Thomas is saying they screwed up big time, so he stops to ask for directions. He’s told it’s about ten miles down the road. Nat and Kat see the Stonehenge sign, and Nat’s worried she’ll speed out of excitement. They’re the first to arrive and say, “Those are big frickin’ rocks.” Their clue tells them to figure out they’re looking for Eastnor Castle where they’ll find their next clue.

Jill and Thomas are the next team there, followed by Katie and Rachel. They’re happy to catch up to the first two teams, being that they were the team that just missed that first flight. A local tells them they could be looking for Eastnor Castle in Tewkesbury. Jill and Thomas get on the Internet at a local business to find directions. Brook and Claire arrive and don’t know who they can ask.

Katie and Rachel are the next ones to have manual transmission driving problems. Nat and Kat stop to get directions at a gas station and team up with Brook and Claire. The Home Shopping team is happy to be following the doctors. Katie and Rachel are still trying to get the stick shift thing going on a hill, and Katie gets out to push her, which does the trick. Ron is getting frustrated with Tony’s navigation, but says after twenty-two years, they communicate well and can sense each other’s tension and back off, as they never want it to become personal.

Team Glee and Gary and Mallory are the next teams to arrive at Stonehenge, and get direction help and decide to work together. Andie and Jenna arrive, and Chad and Stephanie realize they aren’t in third anymore as they arrive right behind them. Nick and Vicki are arriving, and she admits it’s the first time she heard about Stonehenge, only to find out it’s a bunch of rocks. Boy, are they in trouble. Michael and Kevin arrive just after them. Ron an Tony are still looking, even theough they were the only team to have a map.


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