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The Amazing Race 17, Sept. 26 – Those are Big Frickin' Rocks!

I don’t remember them doing this before, but I’m glad they did. The first episode of the new Amazing Race season is ninety minutes long. This means we have a great chance at meeting the new teams. It’s hard sometimes to go through a season premiere of a show like this in just an hour, as you never remember who’s who when the episode is over. Let’s see how we do at the end of these ninety minutes.

We’re starting out the Race this season from Gloucester, Massachusetts, one of the first teams created in this country. The teams are brought in by lobster boats. Our teams are:

Brook and Claire, Home Shopping Television hosts from Reno, Nevada. Brooke feels their jobs have prepared them for the Race, as they’re such great communicators, and they can manipulate to get what they want. Claire thinks Brook could sell ice to an eskimo. And on the Race, you never know. She just might have to.

Chad and Stephanie, dating, from Miami. She says they just met eight months ago and already purchased a home together in a very fast-paced relationship. He thinks they balance each other out and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He plans to ask her to marry him during the Race.

Katie & Rachel, beach volleyball players from Belmar, New Jersey. They’ve been volleyball parters for five years, and Kaite feels they have all the tools, smart, tough, and athletic, which she thinks is a deadly combination. Rachel adds if you’re on the tracks when the train is coming through, watch out, as they’ll be bitches.

Connor and Jonathan, Ivy League a cappella singers. They met while auditioning for a group in their Freshman year, and Jonathan thinks they’ll sing a lot on the Race, because it will make the other teams like them, and it’s more applicable than you’d even think, as they can even thank their cab drivers in song. Connor explains Tenors are known as tough guys, and in their world, they’re like the badasses. Are they too naive?

Nat and Kat, doctors and best friends. Kat explains being doctors, they’re used to being in stressful situations and being sleep-deprived. Nat says they’ve been together for heart transplants at three in the morning, and you have to be speedy and know how to work with each other. Kat chides that they’re a team of nerds and proud of it. Why not? It sounds like it might help them out on the Race.

Michael and Kevin, father and son, Internet sensations from Sugarland, Texas. They dance the robot for us us, as Kevin explains he started posting videos online, and once he started using his dad in the videos, he got over a million subscribers. Michael is an immigrant, while Kevin is a first generation Asian-American. They have conflicting cultures which is funny on camera. You know where I’m going online after the show. (I did … you can find his YouTube channel here.)

Nick and Vicki, dating, from Las Vegas. He explains when people first meet them they think of a rough couple, but she doesn’t think people should judge them how they look, and the other racers will think they’re tattooed, so assume they party a lot, but they’re really athletic and will definitely kick ass.

Ron and Tony, best friends, from Los Angeles. They’ve been friends for twenty-two years and met doing the play, The Wiz. Ron explains they’re doing the Race, as it’s his best friend’s dream. Tony thinks to have this kind of experience is the best gift you can get.

Jill and Thomas, dating, from Maria Del Ray, California. He admits to being very competitive and outspoken, and she adds when he’s right, he’s right. And that’s that. She is hoping the Race will show she can be right in certain situations. He thinks it’s going his way without question. This means by the end of the episode we’ll most likely be despising Thomas.


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