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Top Chef: Just Desserts – Episode 2 Commentary – The Red Hots Were For My Mommy

Winners – Erika, Eric and Yigit. See, Seth, even plating issues can get you in the top if you stay cool. Good job, Yigit. Erika claims to love tequila, Elvis tells her how beautiful it was and well constructed. Faulkner loved the clear tequila sauce. Eric is given high praise from Théoden on the moist cake. Faulkner tells Yigit that it was colorful and cold and Théoden loved the texture. Erika wins, and deservedly so. I even love how she adjusted to miscounting her plates, so she cut her dish in half. Doing so enabled diners to see what was inside, and I think that helped her presentation. Erika says everyone should watch out, because here comes “Sassy Momma.”

Losers – Malika, Tim and Seth.

Tim – Told it was a soupy mess within five minutes. Tim suspects the brulee was a problem and caused moisture to seep in. Elvis thinks it was a shame because Tim has the sharpest palate. Gail called it curdled soup.

Seth – He won’t stand behind the dish. Théoden thinks he is being too harsh on himself. He gets a lot of criticism for doing too much, having blue cake and just being too scattered.

Malika – Théoden says it was just too darn sweet. She was going for airy and tart, and clearly failed. Elvis suspects time got in the way. Again. She admits she should have altered the plan, instead of covering with sweet.

Tim gets sent home – everyone is sad. Not sure if that was all for Tim, or if it was having to deal with Seth some more.

Quickfire Hits
• Erika is so soft-spoken, that when she breaks out a Sassy Momma quote, it reminds me of Hicks from the Police Academy movies.
• Yigit, or as it seems to be pronounced, Yeats, almost broke a $25,000 ice cream machine. Watch it, this show is too new to pay for things!
• While Gaga looks like Dexter (he really does!), Seth looked to be channeling the TV serial killer as he was repeatedly stabbing his blender during the Quickfire.
• Gaga on becoming a pastry chef as an act of rebellion – “This is revenge on my vegan mother for never letting me have candy.”
• More Gaga, regarding his Quickfire cake getting praise – “I’m glad they (judges) liked the cake, and they (other chefs) can all suck it bitches, they all did mousse, which could take 10 minutes, we had an hour.”
• I loved the shot of Yigit reading his list and making hand gestures while reading. Nice character moment.
• Gaga on his fallen chocolate squares – “Those were the ones I was saving for the judges, but that’s ok.” Call me crazy – but I don’t think it was ok.
• Maybe I missed the proper analogy on Seth. After watching him run back and forth in the kitchen asking if he could help, he reminded me of the family dog. Manic, simple and looking for attention and praise.
• Extra scene – Seth being annoying in the Stew Room. What else?

Next week – Cheerleaders. Bake Sale. Friggin Chaos. Someone takes all the peanut butter. A shaky table. Seth hates the Stew Room. Something involving butter cream. And “you can really taste the resentment.” Mmmm, resentment.

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