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Hell's Kitchen, Sept. 22 – Chefs Behaving Badly

Louie loses his temper when Raj calls them all kids. Boris walks over and tells Raj to shut the [expletive] up, twice. Raj is not the reason the entire team is kicked out of the kitchen. Vinny and Joe sunk the ship when they decided it is better to throw someone under the bus than be a team player. Boris the Caterer now has to join the gang up, which incites Vinny to join in the bullying session. Boris throws something at Raj. I am watching the absolute worst in human nature.

Russell seems to be the only person who can control himself. Boris continues his attack that has even stopped Vinny, who is realizing this is out of control. Boris continues on his world domination, which seems to be starting with poor Raj, and tells him he is a waste of life. Who does that? What kind of person does that? Raj calls Boris a bitch.

Downstairs in the red kitchen, the ladies finish their service.

Obviously the blue kitchen has lost. Chef Ramsay starts in on Vinnie right off the bat for sidestepping Chef Ramsay and telling the customers not to order sides because the kitchen cannot deliver. He says that none of them are there to kiss his ass, but he expects some respect. He turns to Curtis and asks why sushi was so hard for him. Curtis says he has no excuse. Chef Ramsay explains the bottom line is that Curtis sunk the kitchen. He tells the guys to come up with two individuals for elimination. Even after what Chef Ramsay just said to them, they all choose to pick Raj. Stupid. The other person they pick is Curtis.

Vinny infuriated Chef Ramsay; he took over 30 minutes to put in his first ticket. I was a waitress many moons ago. How is that even possible? Somehow Vinny is not on the block. It just does not make any sense to me at all. Curtis is a fighter and isn’t going to go down without a fight. He is talking to Trev, Russell and Louie and admits that he had some trouble tonight. He, very smartly I think, brings up the fact that Boris is a problem. Trev right away admits he pushed him out of his station tonight. Louie agrees and says he flips out.

Boris lives up to everything stereotypical Hollywood would have you think of if you met a tall, bald man named Boris (the Caterer). Although Boris Badenov, (my 45 yr. old + readers might remember him from Rocky and Bullwinkle) was short with dark hair. This is turning into Hell’s Kitchen meets Big Brother with a possible backdooring tonight.

Maybe not, though, as Chef Ramsay calls on Boris to tell him the nominees. The first name he mentions is Raj. He explains he has done nothing but sabotage and does nothing. Raj is obviously very upset by this and tries to raise his hand and says it’s a lie. Vinny opens his bully mouth and tells him not to waste his breathe that the 7 of them picked him twice. I don’t think Raj has a chance to win this, but I do believe other people deserve to go home before him. It is always easiest to go after the weakest person. Vinny says he would be crying upstairs if he was him and would be humiliated. This coming from the guy that can’t take a simple order from a table of two.

Chef Ramsay switches it up a little and asks Trev to name the second nominee. After listening to his teammates, Trev admits the general census is Boris. Boris obviously has no idea this is coming. When asked why, Trev says that he shoved him right off of the scallop station and he thinks he is superman and can do everything. He should have added that he is a hot tempered bully that can’t be trusted to run a kitchen. Chef Ramsay calls Boris and Raj down. After they get down there, Chef Ramsay finds it “unbelievable” and adds that someone else needs to be up there. Curtis is visibly worried. Out of Chef Ramsay’s mouth, he says Vinny. Well, duh, Blue team!

Vinny looks shocked, but he is called down. Chef Ramsay starts in on him immediately and says that he is pissed. He adds that Vinny had no right to tell the diners what he did. Instead of apologizing or chalking it up to nerves, which so many of them do, he defends his decision to do that. Chef Ramsay points out that the entrees are specifically designed to go with the sides. When asked why he should stay, Vinny finally apologizes and says that when he makes a mistake he makes it once and only once.

Raj believes he should stay because he is falsely accused. He adds that he needs a little more time and he is a slow learner, but it’s going to be good. Chef Ramsay points out that Raj is 49, and he is looking for a fast learner.

Boris thinks he should stay because he is a strong team player and is one of the strongest chefs there. He also tells Chef Ramsay that he is going to be the last man standing.