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Hell's Kitchen, Sept. 22 – Chefs Behaving Badly

Unfortunately, Emily is having issues with her meat section and getting it to the right temperature. Luckily for Nona, Chef Ramsay is standing near her when she tells Emily her meat is too rare. He happens to notice that Nona’s fish was cooked perfectly before it ended in the trash. He compliments Nona.

Back out to the dining room, we have Vinny actually telling the customers not to order any garnishes or sides because if they do they won’t get fed. Raj is on that station, and Vinny has zero confidence that he can do his job. James follows behind and asks a table how service is this evening, and the woman complains to him that they weren’t allowed to order sides.

Switch back to Chef Ramsay and Sous Chef Scott talking about how strange it is that no sides are being ordered. James is on his way to the pass with Vinny. Vinny is caught. Chef Ramsay turns to Raj and asks him if he told Vinny to tell everyone not to order sides. Raj starts screaming in a high pitched voice, which gets him in trouble again with Chef Ramsay.

They show Raj’s station, and he actually has sides lined up in little bowls waiting to be order. This isn’t addressed but, I do not understand why he is not called out for doing that. It isn’t a fast food restaurant where things are plated before an order. Chef Ramsay is more focused on Vinny making an executive decision in the dining room. Vinny is thrown out of the kitchen.

Emily is continuing to not get her orders out. She again ruins a beautifully cooked halibut and finally has to admit to Chef Ramsay that she doesn’t know how to cook meat. What goes through a person’s mind when they apply for a show like Hell’s Kitchen, knowing full well that they rotate stations, and they have no idea how to cook a main station in the kitchen? Nona is a hoot with her facial expressions. He tells her if she gives up, she needs to go pack her bags.

Over in Blue, Boris the caterer has made himself captain. Even though Trev is on the fish station Boris is trying to push his way in there. Again, have none of these contestants watched this show before? Trev actually walks off the station and says you want to cook scallops so bad, have at it. Boris doesn’t even bring them up well. The blue kitchen still has almost all their appetizers to get out while red is half way done with entrees.

Melissa is setting herself up to get yelled at by sending garnish up for a ticket before the entree. Chef Ramsay sends her out of the kitchen and into the dining room to trade places with Jillian. Jillian steps right in, and entrees are running out smoothly again for Red.

Curtis is still having problems with the sushi more than 2 hours into service, and it’s an appetizer. Joe, the law firm chef, says he could slide over and help him, but it’s not his problem; he is just going to let him sink. In my humble opinion, the guy who watches a teammate fall and is not willing to help is a far worse candidate for winning this than the guy who can’t make sushi. You can learn to make sushi; you can’t learn to be a compassionate person. I think Joe needs to stay with the law firm.

Curtis is told to get out; he is furious at himself, but realizes he at least tried his hardest. Finally Chef Ramsay takes note of all the pre-made pans of garnish. This was really bugging me. He calls Raj over, and I count 10 pre-made dished-out garnishes waiting for an order. He literally has them running down the entire stove up at that station and over into fish. He says that in 5 minutes Raj will have them running out the kitchen door. Raj is thrown out of the kitchen. Raj has no idea how to handle the situation and seems to switch over to automatic pilot.

I feel bad for the guy, because I think he is a sensitive soul, but I have to laugh. Vinny and Curtis get kicked out and go onto the deck and smoke. When Raj gets up to the dorm, he opens the freezer. Raj is a big guy, so I thought he was a man after my own heart, going for the double chocolate brownie ice cream that might be stashed in there. Nope, he opens the freezer and sticks his whole head in there and leans up on the refrigerator.

The remaining Blue kitchen wants to continue trying to impress. Louie brings up to the pass two salads. One plate looks to have about 12 walnut halves on it, the other plate (same table) looks to have 24. Gotta love the freeze frame feature of the DVR. Chef Ramsay calls the remaining blue team members to the back of the kitchen and leads them to the back door. There isn’t any more room in the freezer upstairs. The entire blue kitchen is gone.