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Hell's Kitchen, Sept. 22 – Chefs Behaving Badly

Last up are Vinny and Boris the caterer. They need 7 out of 9 to tie it up. It is tied up, and there is one piece left that is molded perfectly. Boris remembers to put Wasabi on it to pull it out for the guys with a second win. This loss for the women sits solely on the shoulders of Melissa and Gail, the two most experienced women there.

The men not only win the knives but they will also join Chef Ramsay at Cellar 360 for a wine tasting. They’re in for another treat, because the establishment is actually in San Francisco. Curtis is very excited; he tells the diary cam he has been to Talladega and Daytona, but never San Francisco. He must be a fan of NASCAR.

The women are responsible for prepping all of the sushi for service. Gail is in tears for letting her teammates down. They go back down after changing and are told it is going to be a very long day. The guys are actually taking a Southwest Airlines flight with Chef Ramsay to San Francisco. Raj and Boris seem to be kicking back the wine, not tasting or learning so much. Raj admits that he likes to drink, but only does it about once a week. He goes on to say that when he does do it he really drinks. There is something about him that just doesn’t seem to fit with being the executive chef he says he is. When they flash his name they have on the bottom personal chef which I would tend to believe.

Chef Ramsay leaves them to go back to Hell’s Kitchen. The guys will stay the day in San Francisco and have dinner there.

Back in the red kitchen things are going very slowly, and Sabrina is just causing more negativity and chaos. The men, as in almost every season so far of Hell’s Kitchen, are bonding and getting to know each other. Chef Ramsay is kind enough to send a meal out to the ladies. It’s plates full of steaming octopus and other interesting creatures of the sea.

Once again Sabrina goes on the attack, this time her target is Gail. She is Phillipino and has eaten some of these things as they are cultural. Sabrina continually tells her that she is disgusting. Everyone is done with Sabrina, who gets no compassion when she continually throws up during the meal. Honestly, just looking at the plates of food was almost enough; I can’t imagine adding smell, taste, and texture to the visual.

The next day there is a dinner service. Raj is having trouble picking the good parsley leaves off. He then finds it difficult to chop it.

Before the doors open, Chef Ramsay tells the chefs that because they made James’ life so miserable during his first service, each team will have one person out there as the assistant Maître-de. Chef Ramsay chooses Jillian and Vinny to work in the dining room. The doors open for service.

They are running the regular menu and also a special salmon sushi appetizer. Jillian is quick to bring in the first ticket for her team, but she has gotten the number of desserts incorrect. That is quickly fixed, and the red team starts cooking. The blue team is just sitting around waiting for Vinny to bring them a ticket. He is, completely lost in the dining room with table numbers. It takes him over 30 minutes to turn in the first ticket.

After Chef Ramsay calls the ticket, Raj just turns around and ignores him. When questioned by Chef Ramsay what was called out, Raj cannot come up with an answer, so he asks Chef Ramsay what he needs. I love when the contestants say something to him that ends up puzzling Chef Ramsay so much he can’t even reply. After some prompting, Raj admits that he didn’t catch the order. Louis finds it a miracle that at 49, Raj is not yet in jail or an asylum.

Although Gail and Sabrina do not like each other, they are working well with timing on the appetizers and sushi. Curtis is having trouble on the sushi station. I’m not sure why this is a surprise, since at the challenge he waved his hand around and around knowing he couldn’t do it. Trev, who can’t dress a salad, thinks it is horrid that Curtis is having issues. He is amazed that he is screwing up something that he isn’t cooking. Hello, Salad Boy, get over yourself.

Red team is on to Entrees while blue team has only served one table appetizers.