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Hell's Kitchen, Sept. 22 – Chefs Behaving Badly

Tonight’s episode is a double hitter, twice the aggravation, I mean excitement!

Nona is not happy with Sabrina trying to throw her under the bus and warns that the claws are coming out. Every year this is the downfall of the women’s team. The men seem to have the ability to perform as a team regardless of how they feel about each other. Women always go for the jugular. It happens every year.

As they are walking up the stairs Russell tries to ease the tension with Raj so that the entire team does not implode. He gets that you are only as strong as your weakest player. They recognize very early on that Raj is the loose cannon of Blue team. Again, Raj threatens someone about watching their Karma.

Sabrina does not hang out with the rest of the contestants and heads to her room, stating under her breath that she is there for no one. The ladies recognize she is an infant. Unfortunately for them, Russell, or someone similar, is not there to help them understand that they need to grab control of the situation for the good of the team.

At 5:42 in the morning Chef Ramsay sneaks a drum band with a warrior call twist in there to wake them. Chef Scott is there also to wake them all up and get them down into the kitchen in their pajamas. They line up on either side of the stoves to listen to Chef Ramsay. Raj is making a weird breathing sound that is clearly audible to all. It sounds a little like snoring when you have a cold and your nose is clogged. Some of the contestants try to mimic it to the diary cam. Chef Ramsay tells him to slow down.

Chef Ramsay has invited a dear friend to the kitchen for the challenge this morning. It is Chef Masaharu Morimoto of Iron Chef America Fame; he has also just been awarded a Michelin star. The challenge is going to be to recreate Chef Morimoto’s Salmon Cucumber Avocado Roll and the Tuna Nigiri. Jillian, possibly, is going to be in trouble as she doesn’t even know that this is a Japanese dish. She says she has never cooked Chinese food. The pieces of sushi that are presented look like pieces of stained glass, absolutely beautiful. They are told to listen, watch and learn; they will be shown exactly what to do.

The Tuna Nigiri lesson involves shaping the rice perfectly, slicing the tuna in precise even slices and adding just the simplest of wasabi to finish it off. The salmon dish will need intricate cutting skills and precision to cut it in five even pieces. They are given one of Chef Morimoto’s famous Sushi knives and each contestant on the winning team will get to keep their knife.

They are divided within the team into pairs. Each pair is required to make 9 perfect pieces of sushi, 4 tuna and 5 salmon. I am not sure why I am still surprised at the ignorance of people. Melissa thinks that she is a shoe-in to win because she is paired with the “Asian chick”, or Gail as I like to call her, because all Asian people know how to make Sushi. Yep, just like all southerners know how to make fried chicken. I have an idea for an invention, let’s call them ignorant bricks. They are spongy little blocks you can throw at your plasma TV and not worry about cracking it when someone says something unbelievably stupid. So far I have Jillian and Melissa to get pegged for their ignorance.

Curtis is having trouble rolling his salmon and says it looks like a dookie roll. I admit I have to look it up. For those of you like me that have no idea what that is, it is a braided gold chain that rappers wore in the late 90’s and early 90’s. Of course it is; how could I not know that. The guys are given 10 seconds to decide which pair is sitting out of judging, because of the numbers. Curtis quickly raises is hand. he is paired with Trev and volunteers their team. They show Chef Ramsay what they produced and it is truly a train wreck.

The women are up first. Melissa brings up the board for her and Gail. They are missing a piece. Out of 8 pieces these two executive chefs presented, they were awarded no points. Nona and Jillian are up next., Nona brings her board. Chef Ramsay comments that their pieces are cut beautifully and they get 8 out of 9. Emily and Sabrina are last for the women and get 7 out of 9. The sous chefs did much better on this challenge for the ladies. The total awarded points are 15.

The guys are up next, and Louie and Ben are first. Louie gets awarded 4 out of 5 for his salmon. Ben earns no points, because he forgot to put wasabi on his salmon, and it was not cooked properly. Raj and Russell are up next. Russell gets 3 out of 5 for his salmon. Raj gets 1 point, because he also forgot the wasabi. What is strange, though, is that he remembered to put it on one of the pieces.