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Hell's Kitchen, Sept. 22 – Chefs Behaving Badly

All of Sabrina’s teammates are stunned. Nola asks why she went all gangsta on her.

The chefs all go back to the dining room. Chef Ramsay tells them that Antonia will not be returning to Hell’s Kitchen, but one of them will still be going home. I tried to find out online what ever happened to Antonia, but couldn’t find anything. The publicist did say she is fine and at home. I guess some people find humor in joking about a death, because that was going around the rumor mill.

Louie speaks for the Blue team and nominates Raj. He says Raj could not get it together all day and was somewhat delusional about his performance. Chef Ramsay tells Louie he was spot in. Trevor is their second nomination. He believes that Trev’s holdup on the appetizer station is what took them down. I can’t imagine having an opportunity like this come to you and losing it because five times you put too much dressing on lettuce.

Gail is asked to tell the women’s choices. I will be surprised if Chef Ramsay lets go of a woman since they started Hell’s Kitchen a team member short to begin with. Although I am not sure it would be a bad thing if Sabrina was let go. The first nomination is Lisa based on her performance on the fish station. The second nomination is Sabrina, due to her lack of teamwork during dinner service.

Chef Ramsay calls them all down. He tells them that he has never felt so disappointed during an opening of Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Ramsay asks Trev why he should stay and is told that he thinks he can do this. He admits that he is self-taught and lacks the experience of some of the others, but has the drive. Raj tells Chef Ramsay that now that he has the hang of it and is familiar with the kitchen, he is good to go. Chef Ramsay points out that Raj actually has the most experience of anyone in the kitchen, including Chef Ramsay. It goes to show you that experience does not always make you the best at something.

Lisa, very confidently, says that she knows she can do better. She admits her timing was off and chalks it up to nerves. She recognizes that she belongs in the bottom; I give her credit for that.

Sabrina is up next, and right from the get-go, Chef Ramsay tells her that she is by far the most selfish cook there. If he only knew the half of it. From years of watching this show you just know that they will keep her for awhile, but when it gets down to having to really show leadership skills, she will be tossed. When he tells her she is the most selfish, she pouts. She tells him in this quiet little mousy voice that he doesn’t know her or know what she is capable of. Where did Sabrina the gangsta go?

In her plea, Sabrina actually turns to Lisa and says, “If it comes down to us, you have to pick me; she is spent,and I am young.” Chef Ramsay asks her who she thinks should go home, instead of picking one of the guys on the opposite side, so that their team is not down by two. She throws Nona under the bus, bringing up her Fried Chicken. She continues on, saying that she snores and keeps her awake. She finishes with saying that she is good for nothing.

Chef Ramsay says she’s garbage. Well, she isn’t standing in your shoes there is she. He adds that all four of them should go. That’s what I would like to see in these cooking competition shows. Have 5 second choice people waiting at the sidelines, and on the first show, if it snowballs out of control like it did, a bulk lot of people can be let go.

Chef Ramsay sends Sabrina and Trev back in line, which leaves Raj and Lisa. Lisa is the first to leave, and Chef Ramsay thinks she was over her head. There must have been something else that happened with her than undercooked salmon, or maybe Chef Ramsay has a problem with older chefs. It is this writer’s opinion that Trevor or Boris the Caterer should have been sent home. Chef Ramsay says the only thing positive he can say about Lisa’s performance is that she didn’t kill anyone. I take that to mean a lot of fish went up raw.

It’s going to be a long season.