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Hell's Kitchen, Sept. 22 – Chefs Behaving Badly

Over in Red, appetizers are going out quickly, but Melissa is sending up to the pass raw pizzas. Chef Ramsay tells her to touch it and yells “It’s raw, Melissa”. Remember Boris the Caterer? He decides to start mimicking, rather loudly, Chef Ramsay repeatedly saying “It’s Raw, Raw. ” All I can ask is how stupid is stupid. Why would anyone mimic their boss, right in front of them no less? The guys on Blue team have stunned looks of disbelief on their faces. Boris is actually calling out for trouble. Chef Ramsay right away perks up and listens. He reminds me of my six-year-old when I whisper to hubby, “Should we get ice cream tonight?” No matter how quietly you whisper it, they hear you and come running.

Chef Ramsay calls Boris out on it instantly. He has him hold the raw pizza and asks him to mimic him now and proceeds to call him a few carefully selected names from the adult dictionary. What do you say if you’re Boris? There is nothing to say, but “Yes Chef, No Chef, Yes Chef.” He is told if he does it again he is out. Boris blames losing his mind on his bad decision. This is the first service, if you are already losing your mind just hand over your white coat.

Lisa is having some problems with speed and scallops, but I would say at this point that pales in comparison to Trev sending up some more drenched lettuce leaves., If you didn’t see the episode it is not a small amount and Chef Ramsay is not just picking on the guy. Picture losing the lid to the dressing bottle over your salad, and then taking a paintbrush and just spreading the dressing all over the place. It is really nasty. Chef Ramsay actually throws a plate on the floor in frustration. Wow. In one hour and thirty minutes of service, their first appetizer order goes out. Salad? Really?

Red is not problem free. It seems that whiny Sabrina is not a team player. She decides to take her beef and lamb to the window because they are done, even though nothing else on the ticket is ready. Her teammates point his out to her, but she goes up anyway. It looked like she didn’t understand the concept of a ticket. Oh geez, Chef Ramsay stares at her dishes and asks where the halibut is. She says, “Well I just wanted to bring this to you”. You can see the pure bewilderment on his face.

I think I have finally figured it out. Every season the casting people must pick 5 or 6 good candidates and then a bunch of, well for lack of a better word, Donkeys. I think they a place bet on which person is going to drive Chef Ramsay insane first. At the beginning of the show, they said these people were selected out of over 10,000 applications. There is no way in the world this is the crème de la crème. So the only logical explanation is that they all like playing with Chef Ramsay.

Sabrina sounds like a little girl with this slow whiny “please don’t hurt my feelings” tone of voice. I think in all honesty, he cannot wrap around this idea. He is so shocked, he isn’t even yelling. He asks her again what it is doing there and again she answers but I cooked it for you Chef. She walks away, and he says, “Well Baby Spice as long as it’s good for you, right?”

Back over at Blue, Raj is on the dining room side of the kitchen just watching everything. Chef Ramsay actually has to tell him to get back in the kitchen. Raj is a little concerned for Chef Ramsay’s karma. Raj is told to work with Boris on the pizza station. They are pulling the dough apart; any experienced cook will tell you manhandling dough is not a good idea. Watching these two I am waiting to see someone make a whoop whoop whoop noise and poke the other in the eyes, They are shy one stooge. Scott and Chef Ramsay are just standing there watching them. Again this slows down the kitchen. Over in Red, Lisa brings up raw halibut.

Two hours into service and neither kitchen has brought out an entree. We need Jean-Philippe to entertain them. The customers are all leaving. Chef Ramsay calls all the chefs to the pass and asks if anyone has any bright ideas. He shuts down the kitchens and tells them that it is the worst ever opening of Hell’s Kitchen. No one wins. Each team is told to nominate two.

The guys all sit around the dining room table to start their voting practice. This is the first time ever that I can remember that they don’t go upstairs and immediately light up. They nominate Raj first, and Raj just knows it is because they are all jealous of him and picking on him. He was bad, but Trev and Boris are the two that really deserve to be on the bottom. It turns out that Trev overdressed five, yes five, salads. How did Boris manage to keep himself out of that?

The gals are out back smoking and doing their nominations. Lisa admits she made a mistake on the Halibut. Oh, my head hurts from beating the wall with it. Sabrina asks Nola who she thinks the other person should be and she says, “Honestly, I think it should be you.” All of the sudden she starts doing this head jiving thing and says, “Of course you do, because I think it should be yo ass.” What the heck? This girl is not balanced. Granted she is young.

Fifty minutes into this show, and I know already I am going to be disappointed with this cast. I watch to learn some little trick of the trade, to see them cook, and of course for Chef Ramsay. His tips and tricks when introducing a challenge are always a highlight of the show. Somewhere along the line casting started going for drama more than talent. It doesn’t even need to be experienced fine dining chefs. Talent, desire, creativity is what I want to see, not some tough chick with issues.