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Hell's Kitchen, Sept. 22 – Chefs Behaving Badly

Executive Chef Gail presents burnt potatoes on her dish; she went up against Trev who is a Line Cook and Bartender. Chef Ramsay thinks his dish was an embarrassment and neither wins a point. We don’t even see the dishes presented really.

Lisa, a Corporate Food Director, serves what looks like Chicken to him and is told it is dry. She is up against Camp Cook Louie, and Chef Ramsay cannot get the lobster out of the shell. Neither of these two contestants is awarded a point either.

Executive Sous Chef Melissa is asked if she is out of her tiny mind when she serves Chef Ramsay. She is not very tall. She is up against Boris, the caterer. Doesn’t that sound kind of scary in a Sweeny Todd kind of way? He is told that his dish is delicious and wins a point for the guys.

The last two chefs come to present. It is Personal Chef Raj against tired Prep Chef Sabrina. Funny, both of the chefs have black shirts and suspenders on. Raj is incredibly nervous with a “Sir, yes Sir, Chef.” Sabrina goes first and asks Chef Ramsay if she should remove the dome. You can tell he is already aggravated with her. She makes Fish with Endive and Blood Orange Salad. Chef Ramsay asks what book she got it out of; she says none and admits to the diary cam that she doesn’t really read. He thinks the dish is beautiful and cooked perfectly.

Raj tells the diary cam that he has always been the best chef in the kitchen and started cooking when he was 14. Are we going to see those fairies in action again? The dome is lifted and there are various raw lettuce leaves as a bed for a Seafood and Vegetable Pancake. Chef Ramsay said it tastes nice but the presentation is horrible and awards the point to the red team. So it is tied, 3-3.

The ladies lose the challenge because Antonia’s dish made Chef Ramsay sick. The ladies have to clean up both kitchens and the guys are getting massages and champagne. They actually clean for 6 hours, are exhausted, and go to bed. The guys are drinking, a lot, and Raj starts doing karate.

The next day is their first dinner service. It seems that the men are a little overly confident. No one seems to be remembering that they really didn’t win, Antonia lost. There is a big difference. But as with every start of every season, I am a bit biased because I do root for the ladies. At least in the beginning few challenges when no one really pops out and grabs you in a positive way.

Before service, Antonia disappears. She is in the diary room cam shaking in front of the camera. The next thing you see is the camera shaking on its stand and she is on the floor, out cold. It almost looks like she had some kind of seizure. Emily finds her on the floor. The medics come to her aid, and she is full body shaking and seems to be somewhat unresponsive. She is rushed to the hospital. The chefs are lined up in the kitchen when Chef Ramsay tells them the news. Raj seems visibly upset. He tells them the show must go on.

Chef Ramsay gives James final instruction and the doors open to the new season of Hell’s Kitchen. There are some celebrities in the dining room on opening night. Michelle Branch, Country/Pop Grammy Award Winner. Jennifer Love Hewitt, who in my mind will always be associated with Party of Five no matter what else she does, is also in the dining room. Donald Schultz, host of Wild Recon is there as well.

Emily and Raj are picked by Chef Ramsay to go into the dining room and take orders on an opening night mini pizza. The diners will have a choice of three different pizzas. Raj is very nervous and stutters his way through it, stuttering to himself at times.

Jillian gets a compliment on her spaghetti; she notes to the diary cam that her boyfriend told her not to make it the way she likes it, which would be overcooked to Chef Ramsay. Over on Blue, Trev brings a salad up to the pass that looks like it is swimming in dressing. Chef Ramsay actually gathers the entire Blue team around to see the dressing-soaked leaves of lettuce. This mistake shuts down appetizers out of the Blue kitchen until it can be fixed. I don’t even understand this; I mean seriously how long does it take to remake a salad.