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Hell's Kitchen, Sept. 22 – Chefs Behaving Badly

The first two up are Emily, 29, Executive Chef in a Senior Home, and Russell, 29, Sous Chef. Chef Ramsay hands Emily his apron and asks her to “cover up your puppies”. She appears to think it is funny, I would have been completely humiliated and more than a little aggravated. Had she known about my tip in the above paragraph that would never have happened. I always love when I think life Chef Ramsay; he must be my crush. Emily prepares Duck Breast with Grape and Walnut Compote. Chef Ramsay thinks it is nice and cooked perfectly. Emily tells the diary cam that she is hoping he remembers her for her duck breast and not her human breast.

Russell informs the diary cam that he brings great technical skill to the table and has a great chance of winning. If you have been watching reality competitions long enough you know that when editing leaves in a comment like that, it’s usually not a good sign. We’ll see. He makes Grilled Calamari Steak with Salsa Verde. Right after the dome is lifted Chef Ramsay asks him if it is always pink in terms of being under cooked. Yep, the editing fairies know all! Chef Ramsay thinks it could use an extra 30 seconds cooking, but thinks it also hits the mark and appears to like it. They are both awarded a point

Nona, 29, Sous Chef, and Vinny, 29, Line Cook, are up next. Nona makes Fried Chicken with Asparagus and says she is from the south; that’s why she makes it. She tells Chef Ramsay that she infuses the oil first with herbs. Her asparagus is obviously undercooked, which she finds amusing. Chef Ramsay however is not amused at all by her reaction and tells her so. He follows that up with spitting the chicken into the trash. He asks her why it is so sweet and she says she has put honey on it; all I can think is ew. He calls it a disaster.

Vinny is up next and tells the diary cam that “people from Queens are very … people from Queens”. I was born there, but moved out to the Island when I was young, so I don’t think I count as a People from Queens. But I don’t know, it might explain a few things. Picture Tony Manero, only shorter. Vinny prepares Poached Halibut. It looks like it has dill and a tomato on top, but it is sitting on a pile of oil. Chef Ramsay asks if the oil is actually product coming off of Vinny’s slicked back hair. The Chef says he has a real problem with this dish. He’s doing that hoppy kind of dance that he does when faced with a challenge. He says the dish looks horrific, but the fish is nicely seasoned and tastes delicious. The guys are awarded the point. Honestly, though, no matter how good the dish tastes, if it was served to me in a restaurant, I couldn’t get past the brown pile of whatever that was and the oil leak that the fish was resting on.

Before the next two contestants can reveal their dishes, Sabrina (the heart pooper) sighs and starts yawning. Chef Ramsay calls her out on her behavior and asks if she is bored. She says no, but he tells her where the door is anyway. He walks up to her rather quickly and ends up pulling out a chair for her to rest her weary legs. Again, note the “Do not wear high heels to the first day of Hell’s Kitchen” advice I gave. He mentions he hasn’t even tasted her food yet and is already upset with her. This is the same girl who earlier told the diary cam that she gets no credit in the kitchen because she is young and not fat. She has zero respect for Chef Ramsay.

OK, back to the head to head challenge. Antonia, 40, Line Cook, presents an awful looking bowl of Mardi Gras Gumbo. The dish is not wiped down and the color of the entree is … well, brown. She tells the diary cam people everywhere love it. Chef Ramsay takes a spoonful, swallows, burps, beats his chest a little and proceeds to throw up. He asks her if she is crazy and if she tasted it. She said she didn’t have a chance to.

I don’t even know a single home cook that doesn’t taste their dishes, especially stews, soups, etc., all the way through the cooking process. It is pure stupidity to serve a man that demands perfection from his chefs something you couldn’t bother to taste test. She gets incredibly ugly and aggressive, saying she is sorry he doesn’t like it and it isn’t up to par. Antonia, he threw it up. He didn’t spit it out; he threw it up, good grief.

Antonia tells him to throw it out, and he shakes his finger and says I’m not going to throw it out. He grabs the plate and makes everyone else taste it. They all look like they are going to get sick. He didn’t make her taste it though, or Curtis, 26, Executive Chef, who is standing next to her. Curtis made Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice. Chef Ramsay tells him it tastes like [bleep] and neither is awarded a point.

Jillian, 28, Sous Chef, is up next. My daughter and I commented on the exact same thing Chef Ramsay said when first meeting her. “What happened to your eye brows, were they singed off?” Nope, she had them removed and then thin lines tattooed in their place. Chef Ramsay likes her Vegetable Stuffed Chicken with Herbed Sauce. He thinks it tastes quite delicious.

Rob, 36, Law Firm Chef, is up against her. He is so confident in his dish he knows Chef Ramsay is going to ask for the recipe. Pistachio Crusted Colorado Rack of Lamb is what he presents. Oh editing fairies don’t fail me now. Thank you! The first chop is very thinly and unevenly sliced and has raw fat on it. It lands on top of the gumbo and the chicken. He doesn’t even taste it and awards a point to the ladies. The score is now tied.