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Hell's Kitchen, Sept. 22 – Chefs Behaving Badly

Chef Ramsay says that the person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is Curtis. I don’t like when he blindsides people and doesn’t give them a chance to defend themselves. It is just wrong, Chef Ramsay. He believes that it was Curtis that completely destroyed any chance of dinner service being completed. I understand it, but I don’t like it.

At the end of the show Boris is telling the diary cam that he is shocked he was thrown under the bus, train, plane and buggy. Raj does another one of his weird karate things and knows that he is there to stay and that he is the best. He then proceeds to fall off the chair onto the floor. He is just very different for a 49 year old man; I just truly don’t understand.

The previews for next week are insane. Sabrina declares war on her team, and Raja and Trev stand breastbone to breastbone puffed out like little Cornish game hens. Knives in the air, things flying and EMT’s running in. Who knows, maybe they are doing some breakfast for them and it is all in the editing, but the tempers this season are out of control.

I defended this show the other day, but honestly after tonight’s show and the coming attractions for next week, it is going down a dark, disturbing path I don’t know if I want to go down. It used to be about being the best chef. This year it looks like casting deliberately picked unqualified people purely for their temperament. I think they went as far too even cast a couple of victims.

I am very disappointed in the show and hope that it takes a turn. Obviously Hell’s Kitchen is not about rainbows and unicorns. It is a lot of hard work to be a top award winning chef, long hours in a hot, pressure cooker of an environment that is both physically and mentally exhausting. I am hoping next week will be somewhat more centered on cooking and less around how not to act as a grown human being.

Until next week, happy cooking.

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