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Top Chef: DC – Reunion – Are You Up For A Chocolate Drizzle?

Ed/Tiffany – This non issue gets some attention. They are friends. Why is that hard to understand? Ed grumbles how his girlfriend doesn’t need more of this. We revisit their banter, and the yellow dress. Best part – Ed whispers to her in the Stew Room, “But what if you wanted to try the white guy?” HA! They come back and Ed is BLUSH-ING!!

Amanda -We get to revisit her decision to cook with alcohol for school children amid clips of other clashes between chefs and judges. She defends it as not being expensive, to which Gail corrects, “that’s not the issue.”

Andrea/Michelle Bernstein – Andrea clearly thinks she was sandbagged. Tom tells her that no matter how uncomfortable she was, Bernstein was as well, and tried very hard to be extra objective. Andrea is clearly not buying it.

Pea Puree – Yeah, this again. Ed is wearing a t-shirt on the topic – “Where is my pea puree?” Amanda confirms that she watched Alex make it, Tom says there was no footage, but if there was any of him making it or stealing it, it would have been on the show. Needless to say, Ed doesn’t think it was stolen, but Tiffany still does.

Tim “Teddy Pendergrass – It seems Tim had a nickname and a much bigger personality than we ever saw. He is apparently the Ladies Man. He does a weird underwear dance. He talks about a “big bowl of booty.” He says women he cooks for are “nude by dessert.” And he longs to drizzle chocolate on Padma. Don’t we all, Teddy. Don’t we all.

Kenny vs. Spenny – The two cocky alpha male battle is revisited. Amanda’s great quote – “Kenny is the best chef here (pause), just ask him.” Angelo doesn’t think he is cocky. I don’t think he understands what the word means. The t-shirt of the season – Beast in the Kitchen – is presented to Kenny.

Stephen’s lameness – We get a montage of all the insults fired at Stephen’s food this season – Cat food, cheap, sloppy, wilted, greasy, rubbery, very 80s. He jokes that he won three challenges not aired and has been told by fans that he’s the coolest person on the show.

Stew Room fun – A Top Chef tradition – how silly can they be in the Stew Room. This year, they made giant dice out of boxes and played craps. For candy, like in prison (says Tom). But a prison for kids or Oompa Loompas, I guess. They made playing cards out of cardboard. Played a strange box hockey kind of game. And best of all, Angelo is a bit of a baseball player and proved it by firing a fastball through the wall!

Judges can be Silly Too – Padma gives stage direction and yells giddy-up. Tom channels Don Pardo and makes silly cash and chicken jokes. Michelle’s tongue was twice as thick or twice as long. Tom and Gail joke about handling balls.

Sexy opening – See, I knew the credits were sexier this year!

Angelo is a Russian spy – It all makes sense now. Except for the muttering in French.

Pranksters – It seems there was more than just the toilet seat, and we get an extended version of that from Angelo, “Balls!! In plastic wrap!! He got scared.” The best is how the prank wars between Angelo, Alex and Stephen just kept escalating. Alex saran wrapped each of Angelo’s thinks individually, so Angelo put all of Alex’s things in his bed and plastic wrapped the bed. Awesome. Jim Halpert would be proud.

Quickfire Hits
• Padma is wearing leather pants. I need to sit down.
• Regarding Ilan being a lesser winner to help in the final challenge – Gail said, “We’re all bagging on him, but he won his season.”
• Viewer question – why is Tom grumpy this year? He said it was due to early episodes having poor food. I think he’s just tired, doesn’t he have an infant at home?
• View question – why is Ripert good looking. Sigh. He is noticeably embarrassed.
• Arnold brought in video of Tiffany’s Costa Rican wedding. Hooray for her!
• Viewer question – did Alex get the hooker or the 8-ball – HA!!!! Alex admits his family was shocked by that.
• Lame questions – John and his pastry, Tracey insulting Italians, Gail plugging Just Desserts.
• The less said about the blatant rip off from Conan’s “If they mated routine” the better.

That’s it for the season – but since Top Chef never ends, you can read more in Just Desserts. Seriously, Bravo, you’re killing me. What’s next, Top Chef: Dried Meats?

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