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Project Runway, Sept. 16 – Jackie Oh No!

Mondo tells the judges that he has a photo of Jackie Kennedy. He wanted to use a print and he wanted to make his outfit look expensive. Heidi calls his outfit loud, but sharp. The blue lining on the inside of the jacket makes the look complete. Michael K. says the shirt is fabulous and the skirt looks expensive. January also likes it. The judges call his outfit fun and elegant.

Ivy was inspired by triangles and squares. Michael K. says her look is sharp and combines Kennedy styling with architectural geometry. He also likes the neckline. Heidi says the coat is overly-designed. Nina thinks it was smart of Ivy to use a black and white color scheme. The judges agree that the outfit is better without the jacket.

Andy says he associates Jackie Kennedy with “ease” and wanted to make something chic. Heidi doesn’t see that at all. January doesn’t think it looks like sportswear. Michael K. describes it as “M.C. Hammer meets a Beverly Hills grandmother.” He also calls the fit “horrific.” Nina calls it a train wreck. Andy himself says he loves it, and its very him. That may be so, but I don’t think draped cargo pants when I think of Jackie Kennedy; I think tailored suits, skirts, and dresses.

The judges send everybody backstage so they can deliberate. Andy is upset because the judges “laughed” at him.

Onstage, the judges discuss the designers they didn’t like. Valerie’s piece showed no tailoring or imagination. It was boring. Andy’s pants didn’t fit, and the outfit was a mess from head to toe. Michael D.’s proportions were off and the whole outfit was put together terribly.

Onto the designers they did like – sort of. Christopher had made an elegant, expensive dress, but he’d paired it with a truly horrible shrug. Mondo “got it.” He had captured Jackie Kennedy’s allure and used a smart pattern mix. Ivy’s look was sleek and elegant, but old-looking. Her shirt had a great neckline. The judges agree that it was the most polished look she has created so far.

The judges call everybody back onstage and tell Mondo that he is the “clear winner.” He had given a strong interpretation of Jackie Kennedy’s look. Christopher, Ivy, and Andy are all in, leaving Valerie and Michael D. in the bottom two. Valerie had simply missed the mark, while Michael D. had made poorly proportioned clothing. Valerie is in, and Michael D. is out.

So with eight designers left, who has the best chance of going to Fashion Week? Gretchen and Michael seem to be the front runners, as they both have two wins and have only been to the bottom once. Michael may have a slight edge, simply because he has won more recently than Gretchen, who seems to be getting stuck in a rut with her earth tones. (There are other colors besides brown and tan, after all.) Mondo also stands an excellent chance of going to Fashion Week, since, counting his win, he’s been in the top more often than anybody else. Ivy won’t want to hear this, but with no wins and three trips to the bottom, she seems to be the weakest designer left. As for Andy, April, and Valerie, their chances of going depend not only on their own performances, but on any of the top three performers hitting a wall. If that happens, one or more of them might be able to slip in.

Next week: A big prize is being offered.

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