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Project Runway, Sept. 16 – Jackie Oh No!

Christopher is proud of his dress, but he still has misgivings about the shrug. Valerie likes Ivy’s design. Ten minutes before show time, Mondo’s zipper breaks and he frantically fixes it, vowing that he’s not going to be sent home by a zipper. Michael D. is still sewing with just two minutes to spare. Then it’s off to the runway.

This week’s guest judge is January Jones, an actress who stars in Mad Men, which is set in the Kennedy era.

Christopher is up first and he sends down a silver, one-shoulder minidress with a lumpy-looking shrug. The dress is quite nice and sleek, but the shrug adds nothing to it. April simply made a black outfit consisting of a pencil skirt, sleeveless shirt, and jacket.

Ivy made black pants, a one-shoulder white shirt, and a translucent grey jacket. She also had her model wear oversized sunglasses, as Jackie Kennedy had been known to do that. Michael C. made a one-shoulder dark blue cocktail dress and topped it with a small black jacket. Gretchen sends down a sleeveless black shirt with a yoke collar, a black skirt, and a loose tan coat.

Michael D. made what looks like a gray jumper with a Western-style skirt. He also made a white shirt, and a small black-and-white print jacket. The jacket’s okay and looks somewhat reminiscent of the 60’s, but the rest of the outfit does not look like anything I could imagine Jackie Kennedy wearing.

Valerie made a black and plum outfit consisting of a skirt, top, and jacket. Andy made draped grey cargo pants, a white long-sleeve shirt, and a dark vest. None of it looks remotely like anything Jackie Kennedy would have been caught dead wearing. Mondo made a short purple herringbone skirt, a striped, black-and-white shirt with mid-length sleeves, and a small black jacket, also with mid-length sleeves. His ensemble comes a lot closer to looking like a Kennedy outfit than anybody else’s.

Heidi calls Mike C., April, and Gretchen. They are all safe and leave the runway. The other designers have the highest and lowest scores between them. Michael C. is shocked he’s not in the bottom, as he’d made a cocktail dress, not sportswear. Gretchen, naturally, thinks she should have been in the top three. The backstage designers all agree that Ivy and Mondo will be in the top, while Valerie will be in the bottom for making streetwear rather than sportswear. Michael C. and April disagree about Andy’s pants: Michael thinks they’re fun, while April can’t see Jackie Kennedy wearing them.

On stage, the judges start with Valerie, who had made a fall look. Heidi notes that the model is wearing a jacket over a jacket. Valerie claims that the top could be worn as a blouse, but the judges don’t believe that. Michael K. finds it boring, saying it’s also poorly tailored and has an odd collar. Heidi doesn’t like the colors. Nina thinks Valerie uses pleats and zippers too much.

Christopher wanted to make a dress with modern lines. January likes the dress. Michael K. also likes the dress, saying it’s sexy and elegant, but he doesn’t like the wrap. Heidi agrees, going so far as to call the wrap a “dirty old rug.”

Michael D. wanted to do a modern twist on his Annie Oakley skirt. Michael K. sneers that the model looks like an old lady on top and a cheerleader ice skater on the bottom. He also considers it insulting to Jackie Kennedy. Nina notes that the top doesn’t seem to fit.