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Project Runway, Sept. 16 – Jackie Oh No!

Michael D. experiments with some lacy trim. As the day ends, Ivy and Valerie agree that Andy’s look doesn’t look anything like Jackie Kennedy’s style, and Andy hopes that the judges understand how much of a risk taker Jackie Kennedy was. Maybe, but would she have really worn voluminous cargo pants?

On the second day, the designers get back to work. Tim comes in and announces that there’s been a change in plans. Today won’t be a runway day. Instead, the designers have to make another item: A piece of outerwear that will complement their Kennedy outfit. They will have fifteen minutes to sketch, plus fifteen minutes and $150 to spend at Mood.

Valerie has already made a jacket and asks if she can use that. Unfortunately, Tim says no, and Valerie realizes she could be in trouble. Michael C., who hails from Palm Springs, isn’t big on outerwear, but Michael D. is excited by this twist, as he’s made lots of knitwear. Ivy also likes outerwear and decides to make a silk organza coat. Valerie decides to make a vest, so she won’t have to scrap her jacket. Christopher wants to make something that will cover the shoulders.

The designers head back to Mood. Michael C. wants some soft wool, but Gretchen grabs the fabric he wants. Christopher doesn’t usually work with animal fur or the like, but decides to work with leather.

Back in the workroom, Gretchen warns Christopher that he’ll be spending a lot of time hand-sewing his leather. He’s never worked with leather before, so this news comes as a shock. Mondo works on a cape coat, wanting to combine elegance with fun. Valerie is upset, because she loves working with coats, but can’t make one that would fit over her original jacket.

Ivy still hasn’t finished many of her pieces, and Gretchen worries that if she’s made her usual, it will mean a sure trip to the bottom. Ivy wants to make sure her finishing is perfect. Gretchen tells us that Michael C. doesn’t have any belief in his own work, and instead lets Tim tell him what to do. Michael C. retorts that anybody who wants to talk smack about the guy who won two challenges should win one of their own first.

Tim comes in to make his second set of rounds. This time, he starts with Valerie, who has replaced her pants with a skirt. Tim warns her to watch her time. Michael D. assures Tim that his “Annie Oakley” skirt looked really good on the model, which Tim finds hard to believe. Andy’s design is the most “Andy” that Tim has seen so far. He warns Andy about the crotch on his pants.

Tim moves onto Mondo, who needs to give his work more shape. Michael C. shows off his three jacket ideas. One reminds both of them of a terry cloth towel, and Michael C. decides to scrap this one. Tim likes Christopher’s form-fitting dress, but deems the shrug “anemic.”

On the day of the runway show, Andy is not nervous. He’s confident about his look, but the women aren’t so sure. They suspect that he’s misunderstood the challenge. Michael D. is upset about Tim’s critique of his look, but Mondo considers Michael D. the most artistic designer of this season.

At the workshop, Christopher works to make sure his dress fits Rose perfectly. If he can do that, he’ll be in good shape. Tim sends in the models, and Michael D. is pleased with how his own design fits, even though the skirt is a little high above the hips. Andy, meanwhile, is worried about the crotch on his pants.

Then it’s off to hair and make-up. “Smoky eyes” is a popular request. Many designers also want pony tails or French braids for their models.