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Big Brother 12 – A Strategic Overview of the End Game

Lane wanted to take Enzo. Hayden wanted to take Lane. The stage was set for the most important competition of the summer. So when the final HOH competition was won by Hayden, Enzo was evicted, making Lane and Hayden the final two players. Enzo joined the jury as they asked questions to the final two. Hayden answered with seemingly prepared statements. He made sure to highlight himself as a competitor in every answer he gave. Lane, on the other hand, acted more sincere and humorous with his answers, trying his best to put a smile on the jury’s faces.

The vote came down to Enzo, who decided to vote for Hayden as the winner of Big Brother 12. So what did Hayden do right to overcome the odds and win the game? Where did Lane and Enzo go wrong? And, finally, how have the final three players played strategically?

Hayden – 1st place
Hayden did exactly what he had to do to win the game. He played well and won competitions when it mattered most. However, I can safely say that he did not play a perfect game and, in fact, made several mistakes that could have cost him the game. In fact, Britney really should have backdoored him instead of Matt in week seven, but it was because of Lane that she ultimately changed her mind. It takes both luck and skill to win this game, and Hayden was lucky enough to have both.

Lane- 2nd place
As I said last week, Lane had second written all over him. Ragan said it best in the jury when he commented that Lane didn’t make any power moves in the game. Lane’s most strategic decision was deciding to align with the Brigade. Being a nice guy can only get you so far in the game. Where’s the strategy? However, I was surprised at how close the vote really was. I think it was his final speech that set him apart.

Enzo – 3rd place
I still think Enzo would have won if he made it to the final two. Unfortunately for him, Hayden was smart enough to realize this. Lane, on the other hand, would have taken him to the final two, and in this situation I definitely see Enzo winning. Enzo did what he needed to to make it to the end, but he fell short on luck and winning important competitions. So while I certainly don’t think Enzo is “the best social player of all-time,” he did play a good game that kept him in the running until the very end.

Question of the Week
Who gave Hayden the impression he won three HOH competitions in a row? He won two in a row. The other competition was just part one of the final HOH. Did the jury just reward the guy who doesn’t even understand the way this game works? Oh, wait. Lane and Enzo probably know even less.

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