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Big Brother 12, Sept. 15 – Alliance Strategist Gets Goose Egg

Brendon and Rachel are the next topic. Julie starts with Brendon, and he says he’ll be in UCLA, so he’s trying to get her to leave Vegas and pursue education at UCLA. RAchel is asked if she’d be wililng to move and says she loves Vegas so much, but she loves him more, so she’ll probably move to UCLA. Britney mouths to the camera that she’s disgusted. She tells Julie all she ever talked about was Vegas, and she thinks it would be a big mistake to leave Vegas. Ragan weighs in and says Rachel will make a veatuiful bride.

Annie brings up her message as Saboteur that two of the people in the house were lifelong friends. She sets the record straight and jokes it was her and Rachel, then says there was nobody that knew each other in the house, and it worked, as they were still all talking about it.

Julie asks Britney who she thought the second Saboteur was. She thought different things, but sticks with thinking it was Matt. Julie says America voted for the second Saboteur, and becaus they were successful, they made $20,000. Enzo guesses it was either Kathy or Matt. Lane thinks it was Kathy, Matt, or Enzo. Matt thinks himself jokingly, jumping on the bandwagon. The second Saboteur stands up, and they’re shocked to see it was Ragan. Matt is totally shocked. We see Ragan in action as he gets the messages in the DR and see him leaving the note under Enzo’s pillow. Ragan can only say, “Succkers, I got $20,000.”

it’s tiem to reveal the winner. They need four votes to win. Rachel voted for Lane. Kathy voted for Hayden, as did Matt. Brendon voted for Lane. Ragan votes for Hayden. Britney voted for Lane. Enzo is the tiebreaker, voting for Hayden. He’s the big Brother 12 winner. The final two walk out the door, finally, to confetti falling on Hayden.

America’s Favorite Houseguest goes to Britey. That’s a surprise, and make me a little sad for Enzo. He has a goose egg after playing such a fantastic game and being the guy that orchestrated his alliance to get to the end. I think America thought he’d get to the final two, and that’s why they didn’t give him anything in the end. Hopefully, he’ll get that job in show business he was looking for. He definitely deserves it, and it would be a shame for Meow Meow to never be seen on camera again. I know little Gia misses her daddy, but America is going to miss Meow Meow.

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